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Hot hot hot

We have linked to this before but it seemed appropriate to combine Very Much The Sort Of Thing We Like Week with the ongoing heatwave narrative, here’s an episode of Desert Forges in German, because there doesn’t seem to be any in English or French or Quebecois on Youtube. The British version rather famously and sarcastically said in quotes “bravely” replaced word riddles with algebra.

Still, we enjoyed it even if there are things we’d probably have done differently.


The Palace of the Forges built for this still stands in Jordan (it was re-used a few years ago for a kids show called Power Struggle) and was even briefly mentioned in a tourist guide I read recently. So.

Doogy Rev

This actually passed me by, but you may be interested to note a 6-DVD box set of The Adventure Game came out last Monday, featuring almost all episodes of the show, currently priced £21.99 at Amazon. It features 20 of the 22 broadcast episodes across the four series – one episode from series one and two is missing believed lost.

That should go some way to making up losing them from the BBC Store.

With The Crystal Maze and Fort Boyard starting this weekend, June 2017 will forever be known as The Month Of Very Much The Sort Of Thing We Like.

House of Games

Thanks to Callum for the spot, Richard Osman’s House of Games coming to BBC2, presumably disrupting Eggheads as Osman is wont to do.

Sounds like fun, celebrities take part in a variety of quizzes, each episode ends in a quickfire quiz, weekly winner found on Friday, Osman gently mocks throughout. Snarky comment about being too busy for Two Tribes.

Not to be confused with the Challenge show with the same title, this sounds a bit like Wacky QD (Oh-ho Brig, you and your clever references – Everyone).

Taskmaster Series 5 line-up

  • Nish Kumar!
  • Sally Phillips!
  • Aisling Bea!
  • Mark Watson!
  • Bob Mortimer!

This feels like a really good line-up and with two Fighting Talkers hopefully we’ll get a bit more arguing the toss than we got for series four. Your money has to be on Bob Mortimer surely.

Studio bits film at Pinewood next month.

I’m getting old

Next month I am 36. It’s fine, but I find I need to look stuff up now and it takes a lot more to get me excited about things.

Take this exciting story from Gizmodo, Sky and F1 are putting money into drone racing. We’ve briefly discussed the Drone Racing League before suggesting it really isn’t ready for primetime yet despite the fact it features things that in theory are quite good. Unique tracks set in derelict buildings? I love both unique tracks and derelict buildings! Neon hoops? I love neon hoops! People called things like “C00!D00d” and “badOuef”? Yeah you’re alright thanks.

And yet. When watching it’s still quite small indistinct objects flying around arenas that feel a bit too big for them, through hoops at speed but because we’re watching very 3D events on 2D planes it’s difficult to appreciate the positioning and skill. Simply put, whilst on paper drone racing sounds quite exciting it’s not that much fun to watch at length.

Although in one minute bursts in first person it looks brilliant, obviously.


I’ve also got no interest in E-Sports either, despite playing loads of videogames. Sod off, “youth”.

In Bother’s Bar Film Club news, in the last week or so on Netflix I’ve watched Ares, a quite good film set in a near future French dystopia where the one thing that unites the public is a hugely violent drugged-up version of MMA broadcast on screens over the city and on the Eiffel Tower and one fighter trying to take down the system from within with the unlikely help of a transvestite. SPOILER: The corporations are bad guys. Good use of mise-en-scene for all you A-level media students reading.

The other film I saw was gory Indian horror Ludo where some horny kids end up in a shopping mall playing Ludo for supernatural reasons except I got bored and turned off just as they started playing Ludo. I would totally watch a film called Death Jumanji, somebody fund that thanks.

Finding Treasure

I know they used to knock around various torrenting sites, but it’s possibly quite surprising given that there are entire runs of things like Crystal Maze on Youtube that there’s a surprising lack of Treasure Hunt on Youtube.

So I was pleased to look through my subscription list this morning to discover that the All Our Yesterdays channel seems to be uploading them, albeit Family Channel branded ones. Only the first two series at time of writing, but still. Of course Golden Age Treasure Hunt with Wincey Willis didn’t start until the year after but you can definitely see the lighter tone of the show forming with series two (we always quite liked Annette Lynton) whilst the first series is fascinating in its own right.

Here’s the very first episode which worked much closer to La Chasse Aux Tresors, and has a very similar set. The theme still gets us going!