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Bother’s Bar Does Что? Где? Когда? – Episode 3

That’s right! It’s time to get your brains in gear Russian style for more lateral thinking trivia fun with the third episode of What? Where? When? Who will win the battle of wits this evening?

Missed previous episodes? I’ve set up a Youtube playlist.

If you’ve got an idea for a question you’d like to pose to the panel, send them to David at Remember to give the answer as well!


We’ve been so excited to bring you VIDEO CONTENT recently (and in fact we are recording more eps of What? Where? When? very soon – like and subscribe the BothersBar Youtube channel to be the first to see them!) but we mustn’t forget OLD media that your grandad watches that we’re set up to discuss. So here’s a list of when you can expect show discussion posts for shows starting soon to go up:

  • Bigheads – Sunday afternoon
  • The Boss – Monday morning
  • Taskmaster Series 4 – Tuesday morning
  • Babushka – the following Monday morning.

Also great news that Tenable is coming back with an extended 60 episode run. They are looking for contestants.

The Smartest Person at Bother’s Bar – The Final

Tonight, 9pm,
Here and on Youtube

We have our finalists. We’ve checked the videos work, and all we need now is YOU to come and watch us LIVE at 9pm. Who will be crowned the Smartest Person at Bother’s Bar and win the solid-resin trophy?

All the previous episodes are collected here.

LIVE at 9pm!

The Smartest Person at Bother’s Bar – Ep 2

Tonight, 9pm,
Here and on Youtube

Goodness me if Tuesday night wasn’t a humdinger of an episode, fiddliness in vision mixing and accidentally touching an answer notwithstanding, and tonight we have three different people all vying for a place in tomorrow’s grand final LIVE right here at 9pm.

Do join us for that. Or watch on catch-up, but please be warned that we might have to mute/blank some of the clips for repeat viewing.

You can catch-up with the story so far here.

LIVE at 9pm!

Yippee-Ki-Yay, Darcy Bussell

Murder in Successville may never ever reach the glorious heights of its first ever episode with Made in Chelsea‘s Jaime Laing but it remains a pretty damn good watch and pleasingly the new series starts today online on BBC3, with a repeat on BBC1 on Saturday night at 23:20.

This one features TV favourite Richard Osman (whom I’m surprised hasn’t “featured” with Alexander Armstrong yet) in an episode entitled The Brass Gnome, trying to catch Bjork’s killer. Professor Green, Lorraine Kelly (who’s already been lampooned on it), Martin Kemp and Reggie Yates are the other celebrity detectives lined up this series.

Unfortunately after getting our hopes up, it doesn’t look like UKTV Play will be showing the first ep of Taskmaster in advance. We’ll just have to wait for next Tuesday. Edit: Or will we?

Edit Edit: First ep of new Taskmaster! I will put a Show Discussion post up for this on Tuesday for the broadcast. Please don’t spoil any tasks until then for people who want to wait for the TV version but feel free to give initial impressions.

Edit Edit Edit: Meanwhile here’s your Landlord, who quite clearly is the King Of All Media now, in a new episode of Dan Peake’s Codebreaker:

The Smartest Person at Bother’s Bar

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9pm
Right here and on Youtube


But hey! Alexander Armstrong isn’t the only one going live tonight – so are we, with a three night tribute to Belgian quiz De Slimste Mens ter Wereld. Feel free to tweet us using the hashtag – although I probably won’t read them until afterwards. Seven people across the week competing for a trophy.

Who’ll be the smartest person in the room and who’ll just be left smarting? Join us tonight!

LIVE at 9pm! If you’re watching on catch-up you may need to watch it on the Youtube site until we’ve muted some of the music in the clips. Sorry about that.