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Show Discussion: Cheap Cheap Cheap

Weekdays, 3pm,
Channel 4

And so as ever it comes to TV’s most innovative man Noel Edmonds to come up with something genuinely a bit different, which may well crash and burn but might also turn out to be massively entertaining. It’s a gameshow, set in Noel’s shop, but also has sitcom themes running through it.

We’ve often longed for a UK version of incredible Italian show Avanti Un Altro and for better or worse this might end up being the nearest UK equivalent. The general manager is Barry From Watford, who’s an established thing, and chaos is provided by other characters as well. I’m quite interested to find out how much is script and how much is off the cuff, because 30 episodes of 60 minutes would require a lot of writing.

Pairs of contestants must determine which of three items is the cheapest. Do it eight times in a row and they leave with £25,000. Get it wrong and they leave with nothing.

We can certainly see elements to take issue with from the start – that money ladder is all over the place in the top half, and it sounds like you have to decide to play on before you see the question which is stupid – there’s no jeopardy in walking away which they will if you have to gamble blind, you have to lure them in. It also remains to be seen whether people coming for a quiz get annoyed by the comedy and vice versa.

Despite all this we’re looking forward to finally watching it and have our fingers crossed for it, even if it might not quite work.

Show Discussion: Cash Trapped S2

Weekdays, 5pm,

The Bradley Walsh quiz based on an idea by Bradley Walsh returns for an extended second run throughout August in the The Chase slot.

Six contestants take part in a daily quiz, the winner tries to escape with their money. Succeed and they take the money away and everyone goes home, fail and they lose their bank and everybody comes back the next episode for a rollover.

We quite liked the first series although we hope they’ve stopped people buzzing and then timewasting in the end game.

Show Discussion: Letterbox

Weekdays, 6:30pm.

New word game from the mind of “Devious” David Young (a nickname I have just invented), two teams attempt to find passwords to earn letters which will solve the final letterbox with £2,500 in it.

The show is hosted by Mel Giedroyc, the game is described as “simple and addictive”, let us know what you think in the comments.

Show Discussion: The Question Jury S2

Weekdays, 3pm,
Channel 4

I’m not sure if this really requires a Show Discussion post for a second series but it was quietly popular and they might have made changes so I’m opening up a new comment section so it can be discussed if you want to. It’s on an hour earlier this time round.

The first series was discussed here.

Show Discussion: Name Your Price

Weekdays, 3pm,

Or David Dickinson’s Name Your Pric£ to give it its proper #hostholdingaquestioncard title. The Duke describes antiques but he’s lying about some of them. Can our three pairs of contestants work out which are the Bobby Dazzlers and which are in fact cheap as chips?

There’s £5,000 up for grabs in an endgame that sounds pretty much exactly like the one from For What It’s Worth, except with a buy-out option.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Show Discussion: The Crystal Maze

Fridays, 9pm,
Channel 4

Episodes available to watch  from Wednesday night on Thanks 4.

It’s the show that has repeatedly come top of “shows they ought to bring back” lists, well 22 years since it was last properly on it’s now a reality as new Mazemaster Richard Ayoade leads a group of five adventurers around the Maze, testing their skills in a bid to win crystals, each one worth time in the Crystal Dome.

The remake begins with a run of celebrity specials.

Hoo boy, I think it’s likely you will have an opinion on this so do add yours in the comments below.