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Show Discussion: The Crystal Maze

Fridays, 9pm,
Channel 4

The first episode is viewable on 4oD until Friday night.

It’s the show that has repeatedly come top of “shows they ought to bring back” lists, well 22 years since it was last properly on it’s now a reality as new Mazemaster Richard Ayoade leads a group of five adventurers around the Maze, testing their skills in a bid to win crystals, each one worth time in the Crystal Dome.

The remake begins with a run of celebrity specials.

Hoo boy, I think it’s likely you will have an opinion on this so do add yours in the comments below.

Show Discussion: Blind Date

Saturdays, 7pm,

It looks like Episode one is being repeated Friday at 8pm.

It’s-a Blind-er Date with new host Paul O’ Grady. And Our Graham is now Our Melanie Sykes.

This is a really interesting one – if anyone’s going to be able to make it work in 2017 it’s the warm but acidic tongue of O’ Grady and pitching it as an early evening family friendly affair like the original when all signs previously were it likely being very downmarket is quite brave in a world where there’s a reasonable chance it will be outrated by the steamy Love Island.

Is there much call for Blind Date in a world of Take Me Out and Tinder where people tend to be more direct? We look forward to finding out. Obvious differences is the set seems a bit darker and there will be LGBT+ episodes.

Watched it? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

Show Discussion: CelebAbility

Thursday, 10pm,

Frankly it’s a bit of a mouthful to pronounce but this might be quite good fun. Scottish comic Iain Sterling, fresh from narrating the extraordinarily performing Love Island just an hour previous, invites a team of five members of the public to battle five celebrities in tasks the celebs reckon they’re good at. Winning challenges increases the pot and eliminates wrong answers from the big important endgame.

It sounds a bit like Schlag den Star by way of Celebrity Juice style mini-games which might be quite good fun. The celebs are mainly ITV2-style celebs (episode one is Vicky Pattison, Olivia Buckland, Pete Wicks, Mikey North and Rickie Haywood Williams) but don’t let that put you off.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Show Discussion: !mpossible Series 2

Weekdays, 2:15pm,

The speedy return of the afternoon quiz with Rick Edwards where a group of thirty 24 contestants must try and answer multiple choice questions but one of the choices is impossible (i.e. they satisfy none of the conditions in the question) and if they pick that they’re eliminated for the rest of the day’s show. The daily winner gets a chance to win the £10,000 contained within the exclamation mark.

Enjoyed the first series, especially the hilariously brutal episodes when there were about two people left to contest round three, and we enjoyed the quickfire head-to-head-to-head where you had to quickly figure out whether a question was nonsense or not. This is a longer run of thirty episodes so I’m intrigued to see if they’ve made any changes – last time you stayed on the show until you saw the final question twice, with double the length of the run is there a limit to how many episodes you can be in the gallery for? Do the coins falling out look a bit more spectacular this time round? I’m sure we’ll find out in due course.

Show Discussion: Dara O’ Briain’s Go 8 Bit Series 2

Mondays, 10pm,

Go 8 Bit DLC
Mondays, 11pm,

UKGameshows/Bother’s Bar Poll Winner Dara O’ Briain’s Go 8 Bit returns to our screens tonight (or any time during the last week on UKTV Play), a panel show that instead of asking questions asks our guests to take part in videogaming challenges.

We’ve watched the preview episode already and we can reveal that they’ve ingeniously changed two points of contention from last series, the stage revolving and the audience voting, by combining them. Otherwise it’s basically the same show (including the sometimes not great use of screen real estate). The guests on the first episode are TV’s hardest working man Richard Osman and Sara Pascoe. They should have chosen Micro Machines 2 and drag racing round the bath over driving round the billiards table in the original though, obv.

Following after the show (and has also apparently been on UKTV Play but rather unhelpfully under ‘G’ for Go 8 Bit when the main show is under ‘D’ for Dara O’ Briain’s Go 8 Bit I have literally just discovered this morning) is Go 8 Bit DLC which looks to be a straight videogaming magazine show starring Ellie, Steve and Sam. Ellie Gibson was one of my fave writers for Eurogamer back in the day so I look forward to watching this in due course.

Show Discussion: Babushka

Weekdays, 5pm,

Right, well, somebody decided this was worth a commission, so here we go. It’s also another show that’s marketed itself as being a bit like Deal Or No Deal, but still, over ten years on, misunderstands Deal or No Deal.

Rylan Clark-Neal invites couples to attempt to win up to £44,000 by answering questions and opening matryoshka babushka dolls. There are ten dolls, two of them are empty, the others have smaller dolls inside them worth cash, and some of those have smaller dolls inside them with more cash and so on up to £10,000. The couple MUST open eight of them and can’t leave the game until they’ve done so. Unfortunately to open a doll they have to answer a question. Get it wrong? Lose all your money. Open an empty doll? Lose all your money. Push your luck too far with a doll? Lose all your money. And there’s a double or nothing gamble at the end.

So what we have is a rollercoaster, except with just eight chances to make money but about 25 opportunities to lose it all it’s a rollercoaster made up of a load of speedbumps. If you do find yourselves towards the end with some money, the game encourages conservative (i.e. boring) play so you don’t lose it all. And then there’s a double or nothing gamble at the end which as we all know will only ever get used if they’ve ended up doing really badly.

Everything I’ve seen of it points to it being rubbish. But, y’know, I might be wrong. I think Rylan deserves a bit better anyway.