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Show Discussion: Taskmaster Series 4

Tuesday nights, 9pm,

Hurrah! Taskmaster‘s back for an extended run with five brand new comics testing their problem solving, creativity and gamesmanship talents.

This series features old Bake Off host Mel Giedroyc, new Bake Off host Noel Fielding, Lolly Adefope, Hugh Dennis and Joe Lycett.

Note the new earlier start time (brave) which almost caught me out, although the first episode has been up on UKTV Play all week anyway. However I haven’t watched it yet because I tend to prefer communal broadcast.

This shouldn’t bother you however, if you delve into the comments you should be aware that there are likely to be spoilers.

Show Discussion: The Boss

Weekdays, 2:15pm,

Susan Calman is in charge as a team of strangers led by a contestant referred to as ‘the boss’ build up a pot of cash in rounds of questions. Can The Boss stay in power and who will walk away with the cash?

It sounds a bit Weakest Link and a bit Greed. It’s got spinning podiums a bit like The Voice. It’s on for the next four weeks. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Show Discussion: Big Heads

Sundays, 7pm,

Sunday nights are now “people in silly costumes doing physical tasks” nights with this at 7pm followed by the brilliant Wild Things at 8pm on Sky One.

Big Heads sees Jason Manford alongside Jenny Powell and Kriss Akabusi invite six eight people to don gigantic celebrity heads and battle each other over comedy physical games for prizes. Intriguingly it sounds as though the series has been set up as a tournament, with each episode’s winner going through to the final at the end of the series, in a way we’ve probably not seen since The Krypton Factor or something. It’s a fun idea anyway.

The question is does this have anything extra other than what it looks like on the surface? Wild Things has immense creativity with its games and feel and its comedy works on several levels. Total Wipeout brought proper physicality to the table. Meanwhile other recent physical shows have flopped rather – Can’t Touch This was a bit dull, Intervilles is not really a thing in France any more (there is a Chinese backed international version which I presume is The Biggest Gameshow In The World that’s watched by a few hundred thousand on Gulli) and is probably closest to what I suspect this is going to be. The people behind this are the same people behind Release the Hounds, which is a Bother’s Bar favourite, so we’ll see.

Show Discussion: Don’t Ask Me Ask Britain

Tuesdays, 8pm,

After runs in both the Middle East and Italy, Alexander Armstrong invites teams led by Frank Skinner and Jonathan Ross to predict what app voting Britons think on a variety of topics.

You can download the app for Android and iThing.

We saw a runthrough of this years ago and weren’t that enamoured with it – back then it was designed as a big money quiz, I think turning it into effectively a low-stakes comedy panel show is probably the best move, although it’s fairly unique in being a live one.

Show Discussion: Culinary Genius

Weekdaily, 3pm,

There are a lot of interesting shows starting in the next fortnight, I don’t predict this will generate much discussion but we’ll put it here anyway – Fern Britton invites nine cooks to show off their skills in a bid to win £1,000. Each week a different chef joins Britton to set the challenges – this week it’s Gordon Ramsey, which might seem like punching above its timeslot but it’s his show so it’s probably not that much of a surprise.

Here’s quite an entertaining interview with Fern and husband (and judge) Phil Vickery in the Huffington Post.

Show Discussion: Wild Things Series 3

Sundays, 8pm,
Sky One

Hurrah! It’s the return of our favourite award-winning physical gameshow of the last ooh, five years or so, now apparently promoted to the heart of prime time where it isn’t up against Countryfile.

Kate Humble and Jason Byrne try and control themselves as more couples dare to go into the Wild Woods and take home its treasure. Of each couple one of them is dressed up as a giant woodland creature protecting them from the dangers but cannot see anything, whilst their unprotected partner has to guide and direct and take any punishment their sense of direction and communication skills (or lack of) gets them into. The show not only has an eye for broadly comic physical situations, but a real ear for funny, revealing unguarded bits of conversation. We’re also a big fan of the super-tense endgame, our favourite for ooh, ten years probably.

This year there’s a weekly celebrity challenge as well.