Musical Chairs

Don’t forget it’s the Codebreaker final this evening! Follow them on Twitter and/or check out their Youtube for details.

Anyway here’s a fun thing that popped up on Youtube in the last few days, a quite fun (if unsuccessful) US show from 1975 called Musical Chairs, where people basically had to race to lock in the correct answer to multiple choice “what line comes next” style questions from songs sung by established and upcoming acts (Irene Cara! Amazing.) I think the game format is fun (each question pays out to fewer people and the stakes grow throughout the show leading to a fairly clever elimination round), the show’s got a good vibe, and they seem to have borrowed the moving chair method of eliminating contestants from Remote Control over ten years later.


  1. Callum J says:

    Hunted USA will be avaliable on All 4 from May 16th. It consists of 7 episodes.

  2. Callum J says:

    !mpossible series 2 begins on May 22nd in The Boss’s current slot.

  3. Andrew, the Yank says:

    Some very clever play in the final of Codebreakers.

  4. Dan says:

    Seems like saturday moring TV is coming back! Cbbc has ordered a new saturday moring tv show with the working title live and dangerous.

    “it will be packed full of celebrity guests, games, sketches, gunge and some of CBBC’s favourite shows.

    Broadcast live from MediaCityUK each weekend, viewers in the studio and at home will also get the chance to interact all morning – quizzing pop stars and playing games on the CBBC digital platforms.

    The presenters are still to be confirmed but it is highly likely that CBBC favourite Hacker T. Dog will be on hand to add his own unique take to proceedings each week. ”

    It is set to air in september

    • Brig Bother says:

      Intrigued to find out what sort of people will be producing this!

      • Callum J says:

        The producer is Jamie Wilson and the executive producer is Ian France. Both were producers on CBBC’s 30th anniversary special in 2015.

        • Yes, and I follow Jamie on Twitter and I can’t imagine anyone better to produce it. The thirtieth anniversary Broom Cupboard special was brilliant and I know he’s hugely respectful of the history and heritage of kids’ telly and is massively enthusiastic about it. So all looks good.

          • Callum J says:

            I hope it has it’s own studio, and not just use the CBBC continuity’s studio.

            • Callum J says:

              Reading it a bit more closely, I think it will have its own set.

              “Broadcast live from MediaCityUK each weekend, viewers in the studio and at home will also get the chance to interact all morning.”

              The CBBC continuity studio is opposite the Newsround studio, so there would be no room for an audience there.

    • Nico W. says:

      I just found Hacker T. Dog’s twitter a month ago or so and love him since. My flatmate has to endure every single bad pun when we have dinner together. He’s just too great to keep them to myself!

  5. Danny Kerner says:

    Also Masterpiece is back on Monday at 3pm so that is Culinary Genius replaced.

  6. Brig Bother says:

    Sad to hear Geoffrey Bayldon aka The Professor off of Fort Boyard has died at the age of 93:

  7. I’ll tell you what old US show I’m very excited about popping up on the YubTubs: the millioncolorsoflight channel has turned up a good dozen episodes of Whew! that I don’t think I’ve seen before. As the kids say, I bloody love a bit of Whew! – it’s a fast-paced, funny wordplay-heavy quiz from 1979/1980 that looks and sounds like the stereotypical US ’80s game show of legend you might imagine and it has a silly name that even the host cannot properly say. On a pseud-y day I might describe it as “moderately high-concept”, but I think it would be fairer to describe it as “convoluted”, which is why it didn’t last. Nevertheless, I love it to puppy-dogs, and there’s a good chance that you might too.

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