When Gameshows Go Horribly Wrong

There’s a three-hour clip show on Five tonight from 9pm about when gameshows have ended in disaster. I expect it won’t be for the squeamish. I hope we’re not going to get that time a contestant ended up paralysed trying to jump over a car on Wetten Dass? in super slo-mo, at any rate.


  1. Nico W. says:

    I don’t think the ZDF would allow anyone to use pictures of Samuel Koch’s accident for any show. Nowadays he is still paralysed, but he can act in his wheel chair and has starred in some soaps and written a biography. He is also making jokes about that time, which leaves every panel of any talk show he has been akwardly silent. It’s hilarious!

  2. Well, this is the same brand that on a previous episode showed more of Tommy Cooper’s death then I’ve ever seen, or indeed wanted to see, on television before, so I wouldn’t put it past them to be honest. It also put the Challenger explosion on a par with Owen Paul on Pebble Mill missing his cue, so I’m not a massive fan of this series.

  3. Brig Bother says:

    First thing: Dale’s come out of retirement!

    Second thing – five minutes on snake charmer, something that was hysterical twenty years ago played out without commentary explaining why it’s funny on It’ll Be Alright On The Night.

  4. CeleTheRef says:

    The Wetten Dass? accident was shown a lot in Italy because the hostess was Michelle Hunziker, who’s very popular here as well.

    Anyhow, Enrico Papi has finally won his battle: Sarabanda (Name That Tune) returns in June with 3 “pilot” episodes.

    Here’s our hero in a “gone wrong” moment.

  5. Brig Bother says:

    Well that was basically benign enough if not especially revelatory. Although I’m not sure we needed replays of some of people breaking bones/throwing up.

    However the wheel in background of most of the talking head shots had a backwards question mark on it, which was annoying.

  6. Danny Kerner says:

    Well that was quite weak. Not a mention of when the money amount was Missing from the box in DOND or when the ceiling collapsed when it rained. I would say that was worse than the biggest loss in show history.

  7. Unrelatedly, but may amuse some here: my better half has recently signed up for Learned League, the US-based quiz behemoth that everybody who’s anybody (i.e., not me) is playing. She had her first league match today and told me about it. She said “tomorrow I’m playing somebody called GuttenplanA”!

    I laughed. I laughed as if she told me she had to face all nine Eggheads at once.

    (And there happens to be someone called Drnovsek ZorkoF in her league as well…)

  8. Nico W. says:

    Frank Buschmann will host The Wall on RTL recording seven episodes in France to air on Saturday nights in summer.
    I think he might be too excited/screamy and arrogant for it, but if he connects with the contestants he could be the ideal choice.

    • Nico W. says:

      Oh it starts Friday June 30th, another episode will air the next day as well and from there on it’s on every Saturday for a total of six weeks.

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