It’s Lena vs Lena on Schlag den Star on Saturday

By | May 16, 2017

That’s right Lena Gercke takes on Eurovision’s Lena Meyer-Landrut across 15 games for Elton’s €100,000 briefcase LIVE on Saturday night with Amy Macdonald and Mando Diao performing their latest songs and as ever we will be here with commentary and “japes” so join us on Saturday night from 7:15.

In other news, for whatever reason I’m quite looking forward to the reboot of Your Face or Mine? on Comedy Central, Wednesdays at 8pm (that’s tomorrow). Original host Jimmy Carr returns alongside Katherine Ryan stirring things up in the relationship testing game requiring you to judge your partner’s looks against mystery guests – some random, some very not so random, with hilarious consequences. They’re pushing the “love vs money” aspect in the promos. I can’t quite believe it’s been the best part of fifteen years since it was last on!

9 thoughts on “It’s Lena vs Lena on Schlag den Star on Saturday

  1. David

    And in other remake news, here in the US cable network TBS is reviving The Joker’s Wild…with Snoop Dogg as host.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Fort Boyard starts filming next week by the sounds of things. I’ve been thinking about the red clepsydres, and have come to the conclusion that they’re there to replace the countdown timers on the adventures.

    I actually think it’s not an unreasonable idea – we know the games are all edited to hell anyway, this is probably the best way to show viewers that the games aren’t fixed and the clues don’t just explode on producer whim (as has been levelled with the show previously, with occasional justification), and they can then edit things down as they like using the water clock as a reference.

    I don’t think you’re about to start seeing prisoners being taken in the Haunted Manor.

    1. Lee

      Personally i hope the red clepsydres are only used during the key part of the show for any adventures they want to mix it. I have heard when they are used they will be play for “Red Keys”.

      I hope they act like they do in 2003 and allow them to continue after the time expire so it eats away at the clock (Or they call it be a prisoner). Based on the Egout timer it look’s way too short to be a whole timer for the game.

      The show is heavily edited down on some games. On other series like Czech and Morocco you can see games last much longer (Garage is one). And in certain cases the water clocks are even ignored by passe muraille when someone should be a prisoner ends up winning.

      Then again the idea of them just using red clocks rather than a on screen timer could just work too.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        I wouldn’t get excited about “red keys”, that’s just how Google Translate translates “clepsydre rouge” seemingly.

        Also given the timers are interchangeable I wouldn’t read too much into a promo picture from several weeks before filming re: Egout.

        1. Lee

          Judging by the new stands for these red clepsydre being bolted. it does seem less interchangeable than the original.

          And Red keys i guess is for clepsdyre rouge. But we have had a yellow key in Terre a la lune!

  3. Cliff

    Your Face or Mine surprisingly doesn’t seem like a dated format after all these years.

    The lineup round is a nice addition, but it’s a shame to lose the photo round it replaces. And throwing away the former jackpot round at the start of the second half without adding a new bonus round means the show ends in an anticlimax. Also, I’ve not heard of half the celebrities in the opening round, but that’s my problem, not the show’s.

    But getting Katherine Ryan to replace June Sarpong – getting a comedian to replace a presenter – definitely makes up for the format deficiencies.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yeah I wonder what the thinking behind putting there is.

      But no matter, Katherine’s a really good addition.

  4. Brig Bother Post author


    Yes this works well, with some adjustments from the original:

    Round One: Celebrity Face-off
    Two celeb pictures, couple predict which one the audience finds better looking. Five goes, £100 a pop.

    Round Two: Face the Nation
    A line-up of four pre-prepared people are bought out and ordered in order of good-lookingness by the audience (before the show). Contestant must work out where they fit for £200. Repeat with partner.

    Round Three: It’s Not Me, It’s You
    This was the show’s punchline originally, can they predict which one of them the audience think is better looking? If they can they earn £300.

    Round Four: Face Your Demons
    Three mystery guests are bought out one at a time to be compared with a contestant. Their partner must predict who the audience thinks are better looking, however the mystery guests have history with the contestants (flatmates, usually an ex-partner, that sort of thing). The first two are worth £400, the final one doubles the entire pot. So there’s £4,000 potentially.

    Compare and contrast to the original where the final ‘which of us is better looking?’ question was double or nothing. Here you still get the pot if you miss the final question.

    Lots of opportunities for Jimmy and Katherine to explore the relationship. It’s a cruel show really, but it does make me laugh.


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