Show Discussion: !mpossible Series 2

Weekdays, 2:15pm,

The speedy return of the afternoon quiz with Rick Edwards where a group of thirty 24 contestants must try and answer multiple choice questions but one of the choices is impossible (i.e. they satisfy none of the conditions in the question) and if they pick that they’re eliminated for the rest of the day’s show. The daily winner gets a chance to win the £10,000 contained within the exclamation mark.

Enjoyed the first series, especially the hilariously brutal episodes when there were about two people left to contest round three, and we enjoyed the quickfire head-to-head-to-head where you had to quickly figure out whether a question was nonsense or not. This is a longer run of thirty episodes so I’m intrigued to see if they’ve made any changes – last time you stayed on the show until you saw the final question twice, with double the length of the run is there a limit to how many episodes you can be in the gallery for? Do the coins falling out look a bit more spectacular this time round? I’m sure we’ll find out in due course.


  1. Callum J says:

    A Digital Spy forums member was a contestant on this series. They said that they changed the contestants after 10 episodes for this series..

    • Andrew 'Kesh' Sullivan says:

      Only other major changes are a drop from 30 contestants to 24, and once you’re through to the final, that’s it. You don’t get a second go, win or lose.

      • Kniwt says:

        Just 24? Hm, curious to see whether that means we’ll have more episodes where the entire pool is eliminated and, thus, un-eliminated. Nevertheless, unless they change something really big, this is still at the top of my list so far for new 2017 quizzes. (But where the blazes is that oft-promised third series of 1000 Heartbeats??)

      • Damn, no more double jackpots

  2. Matt Clemson says:

    One thought springs to mind: I assume if they’re rotating all contestants out after ten games, they’re not going to be replacing contestants who leave? Or would new contestants come in but be on an independent timer from everyone else?

    I’m *slightly* reminded of Going for Gold, and the way the intro elimination round had fewer contestants each time it came around.

    • Brig Bother says:

      They replaced people in the thirty who left last time so I expect it would work the same way here.

      I think the closest modern equivalent would be 15-1 where you get three chances to make the final but once you’re there you leave. They’ll be a mass exodus of people after three days but eventually everyone’s on a slightly different timezone.

      • Brig Bother says:

        I might be wrong about this as it turns out, their introduction made it sound like effectively three blocks of ten shows rather than 30 shows. We’ll see!

        • Kniwt says:

          We sort-of got an answer to this at the beginning of Friday’s show, where Rick said that “for most of you,” this was the halfway point of their two-week run.

          • Kniwt says:

            I stand corrected: At the end of Episode 10, all players were replaced, regardless of how long they’d been on. (That’s not very nice, although I guess it makes the production logistics a bit more flexible.)

  3. Daniel H says:

    Hmm – “Who preceded Bruce Forsyth as the host of the BBC show The Generation Game?” was deemed Impossible in today’s Final “as he was the first host” but it could surely be argued either way as his second run was preceded by Larry Grayson (which was the contestant’s answer).

    • Brig Bother says:

      I’m still at work so will watch when I get in, but yes that doesn’t sound legit, and in a show like this it’s extremely important that there’s no wiggle room.

      • Brig Bother says:

        Yeah, if that was me playing I’d have kicked up quite the fuss now I’ve seen it. Like I say, because of the theme of the show the questions need to be absolutely watertight. It’s a shame, but the wronged contestant still won, so…

        Still enjoyed it, none of the tweaks feel like they’ve done anything substantial. Loved one guy falling for the gag ‘Nickberry’ answer early on – people falling for gag answers and mass eliminations are my fave bits.

  4. John R says:

    Seems a bit of an oversight for the Coin Machine Logistics gaffer to not not fill up his gadget with the new £1 coin…

    • Thomas Sales says:

      When were these recorded? I don’t think the new £1’s been out that long. Either that or they simply had a load left over from the end of the last series they would rather not waste.

      • Andrew 'Kesh' Sullivan says:

        End of March to mid-April was the recording timeframe for this. The new £1 coin was launched on March 28th, but the old coins are still legal tender until October, I think

  5. Peter Todd says:

    !mpossible returned to BBC1 daytime yesterday it was watched by 624K (13.3%)

  6. Peter Todd says:

    Monday 22nd May 2017: Ratings:
    Pointless 2.87m
    Bargain Hunt 1.78m (R)
    Tipping Point 1.66m
    Antiques Roadtrip (R) 1.31m
    Celebrity EggHeads 1.20m
    Babushka 1.03m
    Debatable 762K
    Dickinsons Real Deal 729K
    !mpossible 642K (New Series)
    Masterpiece 578K

  7. Brig Bother says:

    This seems to be struggling second time around, hovering around 550-600k, 13-13.5%.

    Even accounting for weather I’m slightly baffled, it was regularly doing over a million and 15-16% previously.

    Edit: Although Bank Holiday Monday 1.26m and 14.7%. So there we are. Earlier 1:30 slot.

  8. Daniel H says:

    It turns out that at the end of a two week window, the whole pack gets replaced – i.e. they’re NOT all on their own personal 10-show limit – meaning that there was one new player today who only had one show to try to win!

    (There was also an amazing 10-player elimination on only the second question of the day, leading to a “last man standing” winner in the third round)

    Other points of note…

    There have been four £10,000 winners already in just 10 shows!

    It’s now listed as Impossible rather than !mpossible on the BBC website so comes under “I” on iPlayer

    • Danny Kerner says:

      Bit unfair for people who may have traveled quite far for just one episode recording. I hope they got compensation in form of transportation costs.

      • Brig Bother says:

        Generally speaking in the UK contestants are comped travel and hotels and I can’t imagine the BBC not paying for it.

        Compare and contrast to the US, that’s why the runners up on Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune get money to make up for the fact they make their own way there.

        • Scousegirl says:

          When I was on Radio 4’s ‘Counterpoint’ in Manchester, my husband and I got full travel expenses from Scotland to Manchester, dinner, B. & B. at a very good hotel, and I got £50 appearance fee!

  9. Kniwt says:

    I’m finally catching up on all the episodes I missed during vacation, and there was an unusual occurrence on 15 June. One contestant apparently became ill off-camera during the first qualification round (“Unfortunately, she’s feeling a bit poorly”), and she was declared to be eliminated for that day.

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