Taskmaster Series 5 line-up

  • Nish Kumar!
  • Sally Phillips!
  • Aisling Bea!
  • Mark Watson!
  • Bob Mortimer!

This feels like a really good line-up and with two Fighting Talkers hopefully we’ll get a bit more arguing the toss than we got for series four. Your money has to be on Bob Mortimer surely.

Studio bits film at Pinewood next month.


  1. Callum J says:


    A Crystal Maze style “Fun House” live experience is currently being funded on IndieGoGo.

    • No gunge, no fun(ge).

      Taskmaster: I can’t call a winner out of that line-up (you might recall that I think I installed Joe Lycett as TM 4 favourite, which looks like it’s going to go down… but I haven’t watched the finale yet) and Bob Mortimer is indeed likely to do some very fine things over the course of the series, but in a 50/50 between Watson and Mortimer I think I’d pick Watson for the long haul. (Then again, Tim Key didn’t rock the world in series one.)

    • Aaron says:

      As an American, what amazes me the most about all these nostalgic crowdfunding campaigns as that apparently in the UK, the companies that own shows like Knightmare\The Crystal Maze\Fun House\Get Your Own Back allow such efforts to go ahead.

      If a crowdfunding page came up tomorrow for Double Dare Live or Legends Of The Hidden Temple: The Immersive Experience or whatever, it would never get the chance to make its money – it would disappear as soon as Nickelodeon got wind of it. (The fact that just about every game show that American millennials would have nostalgia for is owned and created by Nickelodeon cannot be helping matters).

  2. Brig Bother says:

    As has also been pointed out, having Mark Watson on completes the Watson/Key/Horne We Need Answers trifecta.

    • Matt Clemson says:

      I’m mildly curious whether he was sounded out earlier, given their previous work together.

      Also wondering if – with the introduction of finale games with a single winner – they’ve considered using No More Women.

    • Inquisitor says:

      Tangentially related but is there anywhere to watch We Need Answers any more? Loved it when it aired but i’ve found it impossible to find since…

  3. Andy says:

    Hiya, I’ve got tickets for Taskmaster on the Monday afternoon. Has anyone been that might know if oversubscription is a problem? Might we get turned away if we don’t get there early enough? Thanks!

    • Brig Bother says:

      I would recommend getting there early for ANY show that’s popular as they almost certainly will have oversubscribed.

      • Andy says:

        Thanks for that, typically how early would be early enough? One hour, two?

        • Brig Bother says:

          I normally advise an hour but if you’re travelling far you might want to aim a bit earlier than that just in case.

          It *probably* won’t be that bad – it’s Dave not ITV, but it is primetime and it has a very large following.

          I’ve asked on Twitter for people who have been before.

          • Andy says:

            That’s great, thanks for the advice!

          • Tom F says:

            When I went to see S3 we got there 45 mins early and *just* made the cut to get in.

            • Andy says:

              Oh blimey, thank you. As it stands we’ll have at least an hour (travelling quite a way!) so fingers crossed we’ll be ok….

              • Andy says:


                Thanks for all your advice, we got there over two hours early in the end and made it in just fine, but there were a LOT of people disappointed, so if anyone is going later this week, even if you have priority, I’d give plenty of time.

                Don’t want to say much in case of spoilers etc, but the series very much picks up where it left off. Sally Phillips looks like she’s going to be great, Bob Mortimer a little quiet but very funny, Mark Watson and Aisling Bea really solidly funny. I wasn’t sure about Nish Kumar, need to see a bit more to be convinced.

                Alex Horne got a nosebleed half way through, which I can’t imagine will make the cut, but allowed the audience to chat to the comedians, which was great. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. John R says:

    I do like how ITV like to chuck in a few random game shows to their 3AM slot now and again.

    This morning…an episode from Series 1 of 1KHB!

  5. Mathew Palmieri says:

    Seeing how the crystal maze is being rebooted (That, and i have no idea what this is, It IS escape room themed, I think?)
    Zapp, a CBBC/Nickelodeon for dutch people, had this thing i found.
    Its Zapp Presenters,(I think… I dont speak Dutch.) Doing some sort of Time CHasers/Crystal maze hybrid. With added escape rooms!
    Speaking of escape rooms, Joey Graceffa Premired the trailer for the second season of his Escape the room/Reality competion Escape the night. I Really hope there’s an actual game for this.

  6. Brig Bother says:

    And according to Cory Anotado off of Buzzerblog, here’s the US line-up:

    Lisa Lampanelli, Freddie Highmore, Ron Funches, Dillon Francis, and Kate Berlant


    • Alex McMillan says:

      If it’s the Freddie Highmore I think it is, I’ve only ever seem them act, and not in a comedic role.

  7. Brig Bother says:

    S5 going out from September, I’m gathering.

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