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By | July 12, 2017

Bother’s Bar favourite Release the Hounds is returning for a new Famous and Freaked series (i.e. it’s Celebrity Release the Hounds) later in the year with new host Matt Edmondson who is no stranger to ITV2 (Xtra Factor, Fake Reaction). Of interest is that it’s 5×60 minute eps but with a 120 minute Halloween Special. Goodness.

Also coming later this year: The Bromans, an idea that came out as possibly being called Ladiators a few months ago, sees eight modern day lads transported back to Ancient Rome with their girlfriends to live and play as the Romans did and compete to stay in the show by completing daily physical tasks set by the Doctore with the aim of fighting it out in the Emporor’s Games at the colosseum for £10,000. It sounds like they’re really running with the theme and might be more fun than initially thought. We’re still waiting for series two of Hercules.

11 thoughts on “ITV2 News

  1. Dale

    The Bromans sounds a bit like the US series The Quest from a few years back, which makes me a bit excited for it. I am all about these Raven-esque type shows coming back and more so for the actual raven coming back.

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      Did you watch The Quest?

      If you haven’t but like the sound of it, watch the first episode; if you like it, watch the second. Whether you watched the second or not, if you want any more, skip all the way to the last episode. The first and last episodes show the premise realised to the best of its potential, in the context of those who are realising it, and the episodes in the middle have very little to add.

      1. Joe M

        The ‘Sir Ansgar the Fierce’ song from episode 6ish justified the whole series, in my opinion…

      2. Dale

        Yes! I watched the whole series when it aired and then again when it got released on Netflix. We dont have adventure style shows here in the US very often so between The Quest and Whodunnit they are my favorite new series in the US from the past few years. They definitely had their flaws but until ABC comes to their senses and brings The Mole back I will hold these two in a special place in my memory.

    2. Brig Bother Post author

      I think the tone will be as far away from Raven as it’s possible to get, unless Raven is suddenly going to feature a lot of alcohol.

  2. Dan

    Someone on reddit got to attend a taping of the US version of Taskmaster. They said it’s mostly the same with a couple tweaks.
    First there are less tasks, there’s the prize and live task but only two pre taped tasks per episode.

    Also the prize task is different. It seems that instead of everyone bringing in a prize it is just one contestant bringing in a prized possession and then the winner gets that prize.

      1. David

        We don’t know if it’s an hour or half-hour show though- most likely it’s a half-hour show; I wouldn’t be shocked if it premieres in late August, slotted after South Park.

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          That would certainly fit a US four-act structure, although the final task and ending would still have to be very quick. Still rubbish, the format requires a bit of space.

    1. Danny Kerner

      That’s no surprise with US broadcasters sadly with their weird 10 min break structure. I fear they will totally wreck the Crystal Maze if Fizz successfully sell it well.


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