Run For The Money

Because there’s nothing on this week because of the athletics, here’s the US pilot of Run For The Money i.e. what became Going For Gold over here. Interesting that the first series of GfG had a different set and eventually changed to the US set for series 2.


  1. Des Elmes says:

    Filmed at Elstree too, wasn’t it?

    For comparison, here’s the first episode of Questions pour un Champion:

  2. “You’ll like the intro, it has a fun graphical effect with close-ups of the contestants’ smiling faces!”
    “Does it have them coming out of a giant map showing where they’ve come from?”
    “Er…. no”
    “WHY NOT?”

  3. Brig Bother says:

    In case you’re wondering how £100k Drop will work, I have just been informed of the following:

    40x £2.5k bundles, seven questions, 40 seconds, filming in Manchester.

    So there we are. Sounds rather quickfire.

    • David B says:

      There’s a bit of a twist regarding the contestants that will slow things back down…

    • John R says:

      Manchester is much less of a pain to get to than Bromley-by-Bow/ 3Mills for us Northerners!

      Though presumably means a redesigned set, will be a shame if the audience no longer stand above the arena!

      • Mart With A Y Not An I says:

        Not necessarly.
        Studio 1 at Dock 10 is a fairly high studio from floor to lighting grid – could easily get a three level set in there no problem..
        ..if the daytime budget for the show allows.

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