8 thoughts on “RIP Bruce Forsyth

  1. John R

    Very sad news, the sort you wake up every day recently thinking ‘I wonder’ but still a shock when it actually happens.

    I know you can’t pick your moment to die, but didn’t he do well choosing to do so just after the announcement of reviving The Generation Game and just before the start of the new series of Strictly Come Dancing!

    My favourite show is easily Bruce’s Price Is Right, in fact I may go and watch an episode right now.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    This isn’t meant a glib post btw, we don’t think we’re very good at obituaries and you’re almost certainly going to be much better served by the BBC or TV Cream over the next weeks, I’d imagine.

  3. Chris M. Dickson

    Very sad, but I choose to believe that he wouldn’t have wanted there not to be at least a little levity:

    Scene: Challenge Offices, Friday, 4:50pm
    Worker 1: “Been a long week”
    Worker 2: “Anything nice planned for the weekend?”
    *Lord Challenge bursts in*
    Lord Challenge: “Implement Operation Rodin’s Thinker, this is not a drill, schedulers, continuity, graphics, implement Operayion Rodin’s Thinker…”

      1. Nico W.

        There is a remake currently airing on RTLPlus. This format is probably my favourite daytime game show format of all time. Really great idea!

        1. Chris M. Dickson

          Dr. P. is in Germany at the moment and has remarked on the long words in the German language being a reasonable explanation why the Countdown format hasn’t taken off there. On the other hand, does the German language have properties that make it unusually well-suited to the Hot Streak format? Generalising this, are there other characteristics of languages that make them well or poorly suited to certain formats?

          Case in point: some of the rounds of DERO were pretty alien to western eyes for the way they used their script in some rounds, which stands to reason considering how different their writing system is to the English one…


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