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  1. Marcoraymondo

    I’m casting a wide net here but if there is anywhere on the Internet where someone would know the answer to this query it’s going to be my friends on the Bar. Does anyone know where I can find clean (or almost clean) Versions of the You Bet challenge music? I have tried on YouTube but they are a bit patchy! anyone got any ideas or links they can post? Thanks in advance

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I asked Jonathan Sorrell exactly this some time ago but unfortunately he doesn’t have them. I think someone suggested that copies exist in Muff Murfin’s attic but they’ve never been digitally transterred, the tapes might be in bad quality.

      This is a big shame.

      1. Marcoraymondo

        It is a shame, Brig. I’ve been watching the following challenge on YouTube for a while and it’s a great example of how the music really suits the tension building up on the challenge – You Bet challenge music was always great for this! Muff, if you are out there, at least two Bar members would appreciate your input!


      2. Mart With A Y Not An I

        I can help with that.
        Confirmed with Mr Sorrells recollection.

        I was friends with a dj who worked for a time at one of Muff Murfins radio stations in Worcestershire. He was a jingle nut, and wanted to remix the existing jingle package (composed by Murfin) to come up with some newer id’s but at zero cost.

        Murfin said he could go to his studios in Ombersley (just outside Worcester) and use anything he wanted, but would have archive anything digitally first.

        Knowing the practical use of the YB beds for voice over/promo beds he went into the tape library to find them. All were there on the shelves.

        Basically, the tapes hadn’t been kept in great condition, the cover boxes had warped, and in trying to thread one up onto the reel to reel player, to dub off onto a digital multitrack, the oxide covering started to flake off over the pick up heads of the tape player, leading to it jamming up, creasing the tape, and then a long break in cleaning it up.
        It didn’t improve afterwards, and he gave up with them.

        Shame, because they really are great little tunes.

        1. Marcoraymondo

          Drat! I am currently using YouTube and a program I bought called total recorder to rip some of the better quality beds but it’s not as easy as I’d hoped. Such a shame no one has the clear beds 🙁

  2. Marcoraymondo

    While I’m here, Brig, someone who may (or may not) be comedian Jeff Stevenson has been posting classic eps of Lennie Bennet’s Punchlines on the Tube – check them out for classic eighties humour!


  3. Lee

    Speaking of music. Been curious as well if anyone knows where there a copy of the Double dare theme (With Peter Simon)

  4. David

    Well it was bound to happen- a Celebrity Big Brother USA is coming early next year…(my guess is it’ll air against the Olympics as counterprogramming….)

    1. Alex McMillan

      Interested as to who they get, I remember seeing Julie Chen say in an interview years ago when they first considered this, Paris Hilton was amongst the lineup.

      I imagine a few of ex-UK housemates will be in there (Speidi redemption arc incoming)


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