Ooh, they’ve updated the Pointless set

By | October 9, 2017


Of possible note: looks like Xander and Richard are no longer on a platform. I always wondered what the point of moving Xander’s desk to the ground was just for the Pointless Final, must save ten minutes in studio time not bothering.

You can get tickets for this recording run of Pointless from SRO. They’re recording variously across the next six weeks.

13 thoughts on “Ooh, they’ve updated the Pointless set

  1. Chris B

    At the current rate of new episodes, look forward to seeing it on air in mid 2019

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Our good chum Dan Peake pointed out on Twitter that it’s going to be much more difficult to obviously integrate new episodes and repeats when they start. Or perhaps the BBC aren’t bothered.

      1. Tom H

        Most of the GP probably won’t notice given there’ll still be a predominance of purple.

  2. John R

    Celebrity Hunted starts tomorrow at 9:15PM, looks like it will be slightly different in that the celebrities have more contacts easily at their disposal than civilians.

    Surprisingly, 4 episodes of it! I thought it would just be a one, maybe two part special!

  3. Nico W.

    The remake of The Price Is Right (Der Preis ist Heiß) started on RTLplus in Germany yesterday and it was really quite good.
    They play two times three pricing games with the showdown wheel ending each half. The two finalists guess the price of a big showcase in the end and that’s it. So pretty normal TPIR.
    However the set is very different from what you see in the US version. It’s mainly gold and glittery with three big doors (you can see they build the studio to create a new Let’s Make A Deal in the future) where the prices are shown. And the prices just stand in those big “rooms” behind the doors with one model presenting them, but no decoration in any way, not even some curtains to hide the boring wals. The pricing games are classic ones: Plinko (with the tiniest board ever seen, the player won every price), the game where you run around and have to put 4 prices in their place, the game where you can buy a car if you keep one of seven dollar bills, a bowling game, and two others I don’t remember. The set pieces of the games looked not coherent to the rest of the set imho.
    Also they don’t really know how to use music with some weird silence in some places (e.g. price presentation). However they use updated classic TPIR music (don’t know if it’s the same as in the US) and really get the atmosphere quite well despite having a German audience, which are always rather stiff. I’d really recommend watching an episode (don’t suppose you need more since it’s basic TPIR) if you can, however RTL is very keen on deleting it on youtube and you’ll have to use the dark arts on their tvnow.de website.
    The ratings were also rathe good, doubled the preceeding time slot, though old court shows at noon are more succesful than any of the remakes.
    Also Entweder Oder (can’t translate it, but basically means “this or [that]”) aired on ZDFneo. I haven’t seen it, but apparently two contestants face questions like “animal or currency” and have to put them in the right place. In the end the winner can choose to play against the clock to win 1000€ by answering 10 questions correctly in 60 seconds (remember they always have a 50% chance) or play the opponent who lost the main game to win 2000€, if the finalist can beat him/her again. I haven’t seen it and apparently quite few people saw it in comparison to other time slots on ZDFneo, however it got six times the amount of viewers Der Preis Ist Heiß got

    1. gyroscope

      Really enjoyed this too! I was worried the prizes would be absolutely dire, but actually they did quite a good job of making them seem exciting. Definitely a wider range of models than on the US version!
      I thought it strange how they only got one spin on the prize wheel, rather than two on the US version – seeing if they can spin a dollar always adds a bit more excitement to the repetitiveness of the spinning.
      The showcase showdown also seemed quite fun, with a theme and a bit of acting from the models rather than just presenting the prizes.
      They did a pretty good job of hyping up the audience too – seeing an older lady almost crying with joy when she won a coffee grinder got close to the over the topness of the US show!

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    Right, went and saw Pointless at the refurbed TVC (a bit disappointing I think, no audience foyer or anything and the flip seats in TVC3 were really uncomfortable in a way I don’t remember previously). The new lighting is quite nice (not JUST purple, also red AND blue). Backdrop looked quite busy on the wide shots I saw. No format changes.

    Suggestion was due to go out in February/March.

  5. Danny Kerner

    The absolute earliest we will see the new set on tv is at Dec with the Xmas special being 1st shown before the regular editions. Unless other new Cel editions go out before it.

  6. Danny Kerner

    I like the Blue & White colour scheme they have gone with over the old pink purple & yellow scheme. The display of the tophy looks better now too.

  7. Danny Kerner

    If my TV scheduler is correct we will see the new studio run of pointless begin next Tuesday 13th Feb.


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