Weakest Link tickets now going

By | October 12, 2017

The Weakest Link Children in Need Special ticket ballot is open.

Actually it might have been open for a while, lines close tomorrow afternoon so get your skates on, sorry.

It’s filming on Monday 6th November at Elstree, interestingly, as I was expecting Salford.

Blurb suggesting only seven celebs, which seems a pity.

What’s going to be very interesting is the game’s going to have a slightly different dynamic. Previous celeb specials had them play for their own charities, and as there can only be one winner self-interest rules similar to how the civilians play. Since this time they are presumably all playing for the same charity (Children in Need), will the voting reflect a true indication of how good the contestants are, or will they nakedly still vote off threats towards the end?

If, several years after the show has finished, the main takeaway from BBC execs is “hur hur, Anne Robinson insults some celebrities,” you might as well just do a one-off revival of What’s The Problem With Anne Robinson.

3 thoughts on “Weakest Link tickets now going

    1. Des Elmes

      So the Beeb *haven’t* given up on WDW just yet. Interesting.

      It *will* qualify for the Long-Running category on UKGS, then. As, indeed, will OC next September. 😉


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