SdH Bonusrunde 4/11/17

By | November 5, 2017

We know not all of you can listen along with the Raab/Star/Henssler Watchalongs, so as ADDITIONAL CONTENT I’m going to do rough edits of the various special events our commentators come up with during the adverts and boring bits.

This episode we have Catchbusters with Dan Peake and Dealing With David as provided by David Bodycombe.

22 thoughts on “SdH Bonusrunde 4/11/17

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    If I have one criticism of Dealing With Daniels, having to take three penalty points because you think your category is exhausted is a bit off. I know the jokers are there to mitigate that somewhat, but even so.

    I’ve just realised that there are eight ranks not seven in play and hence 32 possible questions, which is why I sound quite so surprised at the end of game one.

    1. Daniel Peake

      I thought there were seven too! Only realised there were eight halfway through game one, completely confusing me. I paid high attention to the count in R2 though!

      And I’m pleasantly surprised with how CatchBusters turned out. I look forward to smashing together gameshows in the future with less successful results.

    2. David B

      While I agree with the criticism, the natural thing to do (skip the category if challenged successfully) would break the 4-perm-3 mechanic. And remember, the important thing is not your score but your score relative to the other players.

      If I’m honest, counting the cards feels somewhat against the spirit of the game (which is counterintuitive since remembering the used cards is a key part of the game) bit I don’t know how to fix that.

      1. David B

        Also, this is relatively rules-heavy for a bit of Radio 2 fluff so I don’t think another clause is the answer.

        But I do think it’s one of the great underappreciated formats. I was worried that rather too much rabbit hunting goes on towards the end, but the balance of quiz and game is rather good.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Catchbusters was quite fun but there’s no real incentive to cross the board, you might as well just try and play all the questions.

    I wonder if doing the whole thing Bonus Catchphrase style would work?

  3. Whoknows

    Incredibly the genuinely awful and underperforming Letterbox is crewing up for its second series.

          1. Nico W.

            I genuinely hated it so much, I couldn’t watch one episode without skipping, though the studio/look was quite nice.

        1. Danny Kerner

          I presume this logo is tempoary until they are sure they go full scale. Also from what i can make from the tiny Crystal Maze photo, the xmas contestants are:

          Tom Davis (Yellow) – Murder In Successville
          Arg (Purple) – TOWIE
          Mollie King (Blue) – Strictly & The Saturdays
          Nicola Adams (Green) – Former Olympic Boxer
          ?????? (Red) – Can’t make them out.

          1. Alex McMillan

            “Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones will be transformed for the festive season, with the team of stars hoping to earn crystals to buy them time in The Crystal Dome.”

            This is legitimately nauseating.

    1. Alex McMillan

      There goes the theory that “it being a one-off for CiN means they can get bigger names than usual”

  4. Chris M. Dickson

    Thanks very much for editing and sharing these; I enjoyed them both greatly and agree with Brig’s comments about the formats.

    Incidentally, were Catchbusters to be a real show, it ought to have music by Ed Welch, and that music ought to be amazing. Here’s a playlist that you may not have known that you needed in your life, but you do: the incidental puzzle music from original Catchphrase. This is actually a remarkable technical achievement on top of everything else – someone appears to have edited together excerpts from the tunes from different episodes to get rid of Roy prompting the contestants to look at Mr. Chips and all but a smattering of ping-y ring-in bells, delightful digital doorbell chimes for time-up and barely a single bazoioioioioioioinnnngggg for a contestant trying to ring in. Grief, that show had good sound effects, as well as choons.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Incredible stuff, especially as I’m sure I’ve seen clean versions on Youtube previously, but they might have been these ones and I’ve misremembered.

      Absolutely love love love Ed Welch’s ouevre, also Knightmare, 64k Question, New Faces and of particular interest to me was the music for TVS as I grew up in Worthing. Would buy his greatest hits, his synthy sound is unique and tremendous.

      If Gambit is the 70s show I love absolutely everything about, Catchphrase would be my eighties equivalent. Actually this might make for a fun weekend post.

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        Actually, that must have been an amazing commission:

        TVS: “Ed, we love your theme tune. We’d like to commission about thirty pieces of incidental music, mostly about fifteen to twenty seconds long but bear in mind that people will generally only ever hear the first five. The more varied the better, but they’ve all got to be cheerful.”
        Ed: “Right-o.” *cracks knuckles*


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