Crystal Maze Mid-Advent Special

By | November 23, 2017

The Crystal Maze Christmas Special goes out December 14th (a Thursday) at 9pm.

Should have had that sort of slot from the start, really.

Far cry from when it used to go out on Christmas Eve, of course.

The Bother’s Bar Game Night Mid-Advent Special goes out on December 9th, so put it in your diaries.

8 thoughts on “Crystal Maze Mid-Advent Special

  1. Andrew, BBGN CoC

    Oh, damn. 9 December is the worst possible date for the next game night, I will be unable to attend. Alas.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Heh. If you use a different name the system will put it in moderation until I get round to OKing it – once it recognises you it’ll be fine.

      Other moderating queue crimes include using a name with non-alphanumeric characters and comments with more than one link in.

  2. Sam H

    From what I’ve seen of old TV listings, the original Crystal Maze was a Thursday 8:30 slot, so makes sense.

  3. Danny Kerner

    A few details about the Xmas special.

    The theme tune has been jingled. They will start in Medieval & the 11 crystal potential will return due to the SU2C given crystal they will receive.

  4. Danny Kerner

    No sign of it being on the thanks 4 website early yet. Will update if it does. If not it will be the first episode to be watched exactly at the same time meaning an ok viewership figure

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      The amount of people who watched on Thanks 4 was very small, it’s seems unlikely that is the sole reason the series didn’t do very well.

      It’s more likely that any sort of bump will be thanks to a much friendlier time slot.


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