The Poll Of The Year 2017 closes tonight.

By | January 11, 2018

You’ve got until 23:59 to submit any votes.

Meanwhile the new series of Release the Hounds begins tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Also a new series of Against the Flow, a very stylish Russian fan project version of Avanti un Altro‘s 21 Questions Wrong endgame turned into its own show has just begun and now includes a HOTSEAT style qualifying game. You probably won’t understand what they’re saying but can still appreciate the slickness.

5 thoughts on “The Poll Of The Year 2017 closes tonight.

  1. David B

    As a sort-of TV professional, I have to say I find it slightly embarrassing that what they’ve been able to do in their spare time is – in some departments – better than ‘real’ TV shows. If these guys were given a proper budget, and they could come up with an original format, who knows what they could achieve?

  2. Mathew Palmieri

    Currently watching the (sorta, i’m kinda shocked that they didn’t build this up to halloween, but what can you do?) premiere of release the hounds S4. Matt edmondson is more a “serious” host (And when i mean serious i mean less of an overt sadist like reggie was) and is more of a deadpan snarker…. good to see the shows twisted black comedy (it’s a world where josh cuthbert of union j’s fiance cheats on him while forcing him to answer mr and misses questions tied to a stripper pole in a strip club with the threat of electrocution if incorrect… yeah…. it pretty clear your NOT supposed to take this seriously and laugh at the contestants trying to deal with bizarre and horrifying shit that happens to them. Unlike other shows…) intact. for all the saw esqe Win or die” horror shows out there (whodunnit, hellevator, escape the night,exit,etc) this one has the most consistent tone out there. I’m surprised that unlike those shows, this one doesn’t have a plot, what i mean is a “Monster of the week” story for our contestants. its just random vignettes for our contestants, unlike hellevator or escape the night’s “ this week the contestants horror movie trope/villain/story INSERT HERE”….surprising… cause you think it would be suited to it….. i wonder how would they do it if they decided to? Would it bee pre recorded video clips shown to the contestants viewers? Notes they find scribbled on to the ground al la zero escape? Would it be woven into the challenges themselves? Just some rambles i have about the show….

  3. Score

    Only 0.17m (exc +1) for Release The Hounds. I’d estimate that +1 will add on another 50-100k but even so it’s a poor start.

    Bring back Reggie etc.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I’m amazed it’s gone on as long as it has given the numbers it tends to pull. Can only assume it adds loads on catch-up (I’ve yet to watch last nights and will be doing so tonight).

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Having just watched it, think it deserved more – challenges were decent, Love Island contestants quite likable and I think Matt Edmondson is funny even if I’m still not sure he’s the perfect fit.


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