Happy Schlagaversary!

By | January 25, 2018

As Dan Peake points out on Twitter, today is the fourth anniversary of groundbreaking internet television broadcast Schlag den BrigWhich means it’s four years since I decided I was happy to be in front of a camera. I almost considered doing it as Bandage Man from The Genius. #imbackingbrig

In all sorts of ways the second one was better though, obviously. Hopefully there’ll be a tie-breaker at some point.

4 thoughts on “Happy Schlagaversary!

  1. Nico W.

    I just skipped through the trampoline ninja warrior show The Big Bounce.
    Hosted by Matthias Opdenhövel and Wolf Christian Fuss (they don’t add much. Imho no real chemistry in their commentation) 400 contestants, 80 per episode, compete in bouncy obstacle course racing.
    The first course is a duel where only one person per duel can get through, though taking more than three and a half minutes will eliminate both. It is hard to descripe from memory, but it reminds one of an easy Ninja Warrior course. A nice little twist is the last obstacle that features “mushrooms” you have to jump across to hit the buzzer in the end. But those mushrooms are shared between contestants making it way more exciting than the rest of the course. After about half of the show the last ~40 people (in the first episode 37) will compete in a tactic and a height course which are basically one course. The first part is about remembering six trampolines (out of 20?) that are the right path to cross. You have 60 seconds and if you take the wrong one you have to start over. After this there is a course that is certainly much harde than the duel round and you can take however long you want, but you may not fail. Also only the eight quickest people will go through to the final episode and compete for 100,000€.
    Nice fact: They change the course in every episode according to the commentators. And the winner of the first episode was no OCR expert or parkour artist. It was a 14 years old pupil. It is generally a very fair course for everyone, you just have to be good at jumping and a bit smart, but rarely is strength or actual height an advantage which gives it a nice little unique twist.
    The ratings for the first episode were great, though afterwards I’m a Celeb was on and one episode is not a trend. However I’m already pretty sure we will see a second season. And the set looks a lot like they try to make it international imho.

    1. gyroscope

      We quite enjoyed watching this – the duels format of the first round made it drag on less than Ninja Warrior – as at least there was a bit of competition to get involved in – you could predict who you thought would win etc. It was much less focused on the people that are rubbish for entertainment than Ninja Warrior with only one duel included with people who couldn’t finish the course and kept falling off things ‘hilariously’ etc!

      It would have been good to see more the duels – out of the 40 it seemed like we only saw about 10, and to have seen less of the introductory videos. Glad to see it rated well, although I’m a Celeb being on after will have brought more viewers to RTL for the evening.


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