By | February 3, 2018

This may be of interest to some of you (although you’ll need Netflix to watch it), a Japanese anime series called Kakegurui (Compulsive Gambler) which appears to have just joined the service recently. Specifically you’ll probably enjoy it if you have a Liar Game/Genius itch you want to scratch.

I’m just going to quote Wikipedia here, because it’s late Saturday night and I’m increasingly lazy:

Hyakkaou Private Academy houses the most wealthy and privileged students of Japan, with many future leaders and professionals graduating from the school. In this school, the student hierarchy is determined by a series of games in which students bet their fortunes against one-another, and those in debt become slaves to the whims of those who hold their money. One day, a new student appears, one who gambles for the thrill of it, who actively begins to disrupt the hierarchy of the school while the student council tries to find ways to shut her down.

What I would suggest is that it’s pretty aggressively Japanese anime, there’s always time for a lingering set of schoolgirl bosoms, apparently (its 15 rating is fair). But the stories and characters are quite entertaining, as are the games (and indeed the explanations for all the cheating going on). I wouldn’t suggest it’s as good or as clever as Liar Game, but if you like that sort of thing you will probably find something to enjoy here.

I’ve watched four twenty-four minute episodes so far of twelve, a second season is going to be happening.

5 thoughts on “Kakegurui

  1. David

    You might want to look up the manga this is based on after you watch the series (I’m not sure how much it takes from it)…pretty interesting games in it..

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      My understanding is that the 12 episode anime is a pretty direct retelling of the first six books, of which only the first four are out according to iTunes.

      Choice Poker strikes me as something you could retool for The Genius. Five card draw, discards face up, high bettor decides whether the high or low hand is the winning one.

      1. David

        if you look around, you can find translations of the more recent chapters *cough* http://bit.ly/2E566b5 *cough*- there’s a game in the more recent chapters (45-49) that could totally work as a WIDM game if retooled a little…

        in unrelated news, Dwayne Johnson announced he’s producing and starring in a new athletic competition game for NBC called the Titan Games that’s been picked up for 10 episodes, likely for this summer:

        (sort of sounds like Gladiators in a way, except if you beat one of them, you become one of them, and they all fight each other at the end)

        1. David

          slight edit- Titan Games is for Winter 2019 most likely (they won’t tape until September)


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