It’s Song for Europe tonight

By | February 7, 2018

Sorry, Eurovision, You Decide, where Mel Giedroyc and Mans Zimmerlow will present the six acts vying to finish 24th at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon in May. That’s 7:30pm on BBC2.

New series of Tenable and Go 8-Bit start next week (I’m told the first ep for that is on UKTV Play now). Doesn’t seem much point in giving them new discussion posts as a) they were both recorded the same time as the previous series so are unlikely to feel any different and b) certainly with regards to Go 8 Bit the second series didn’t provoke much discussion anyway. Here are the previous discussion posts for Tenable and Go 8 Bit if you want to use them.

Meanwhile it’s been bought to my attention that Youtube Red’s escape room based reality show Escape the Night has been naughtily uploaded to the internet’s naffest streaming site Dailymotion. I hope to watch it across the next week.

12 thoughts on “It’s Song for Europe tonight

        1. Matt Clemson

          Pondering the likelihood of him playing the role of “The Cuddly Toy”.

  1. Des Elmes

    “vying to finish 24th”

    Lucie Jones finished 15th last year, though. And had the televoters liked her song a bit more, she might even have finished on the left-hand side of the scoreboard. 😉

  2. Callum J

    I don’t feel any of those competing are exceptional, but I do think the best is Asanda – Legends.

  3. David

    A couple of notes from over in the US:

    -Discovery Channel has picked up a new season of Battlebots after reruns did well on their subsidiary Science Channel

    -CBS has picked up a new talent show from Mark Burnett called The World’s Best; the twist here is that the acts are from all over the world, and there are not only 3 American judges there will be 50 “experts” from all over the world in various fields of entertainment they have to impress.

    -Celebrity Big Brother started here in the US, and reviews are decent; from “pleasantly surprised” to “not the trainwreck I thought it was going to be” (I think it might be because the cast is significantly older than a normal BB season; usually at best there’s one person over 40 with a bunch of 20-somethings, but here the average age is 40)…the premiere did very well (7.25 million viewers, which won the night, plus the best demo ratings as well), but the real test really won’t be until Friday (when the Olympics opening ceremony is going to air, even though some stuff has already started; as an aside, mixed doubles curing is surprisingly good to watch)

      1. David

        With Rising Star mixed in- the 50 experts are going to be called “The Wall of The World”…

  4. Crimsonshade

    The best act definitely won on the night. What’s more, given her previous experience, SuRie should be capable of a strong Eurovision performance and hopefully won’t be as likely to get nervous or overwhelmed on the night – though of course, this will be the first time she’s been the lead singer on a global stage as far as I know, which might change things.

    I’m going to regret saying this, I’m sure – but I’m quietly confident in our prospects this year.


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