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By | February 11, 2018

Tired of Pointless and The Chase? CBS Drama appear to be showing US Wheel of Fortune (from a few years ago – series 32) weekdaily in a double bill from 5pm, repeated the following afternoon at 1pm. I wonder if it’s only a matter of time before Jeopardy?

In other news, Jeremy Clarkson hosting a rebooted Millionaire rumours that were swirling around a little while ago have suddenly started reappearing again. Don’t know if it’s true. Would probably watch, until it was clear nobody was going to win more than £8k on it.

20 thoughts on “Wheel of Fortune US UK

  1. Gordon Donaldson

    I was saying on Twitter this very night that Stellify Media who are owned by Sony would do well to pilot UK reboots of both shows

    Bradley Walsh back in charge of the Wheel Anne The Governess touching the letter screens

    Jeff Stelling to host Jeopardy

    1. Crimsonshade

      Funny. The thought of a Wheel of Fortune UK revival has been something I’ve been contemplating for many months now and actually think could work with the current trends.

    2. Des Elmes

      More likely Stephen Mulhern would be in charge of the Wheel and Holly Willoughby would reveal the letters.

      (I was going to suggest Rachel Riley for the latter, before deciding that would be a bit too obvious.)

      1. Alex McMillan

        I’d personally go with Joe Lycett turning the letters/prize guy and Sue Perkins or Susan Calman hosting.

    3. SanityOrMadness

      Walsh is likely to be a bit busy with Doctor Who for the next couple of years to take on additional projects!

  2. jon

    Millionaire is back.
    Stellify Media are producing it – hopefully they make a better job than they did of Can’t Touch This.
    Although I am surprised ITV are trusting them to deliver this.

  3. David B

    Their Twitter is @CBSDrama if anyone wants to praise them about WoF and nag them about adding Jeopardy!.

    1. David B

      Actually, it played pretty well despite the 20 minute running time (and even then some of the more product-placementy prizes were trimmed). There was a very, very long break between the two shows, with all manner of hilariously OTT U.S. cop/doctor show trailers in it, but otherwise it was a watchable hour.

      1. Daniel Peake

        Yes indeed. The trick of starting a few minutes into the half-hour and finishing a few minutes before the end also helps. But there’s not much else that can be done given the running time of US shows.

        You can probably cook up a half-decent meal in the ad-breaks – at least it’s not lots of silly little adbreaks which I’d argue were more annoying.

        Very happy to see it on our screens, and as DB says, next step Jeopardy!…

    2. Danny Kerner

      And don’t forget they broadcast Price is right as well so it possible they can bring it over.

      1. remlap

        They air The Price is Right but CBS has a part in distributing Jeopardy! and WOF.

  4. Callum J

    I was watching Dale Winton’s new Channel 5 documentary (Florida Fly Drive) and I was amused at the amount of people on holiday recognising him and saying things like “when you hear the beep” and a 5 year old boy came up to him and asked if he was from Supermarket Sweep.

    1. Danny Kerner

      Yeah it’s international market on the show is quite huge. It’s why I’m surprised it’s not been converted into the country’s edition. In the case of America it’s could have tonnes of products endorsement.


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