12 thoughts on “Tenable looking for contestants

  1. Dash

    Every quiz falls into the trap of running out of suitable questions eventually.

  2. Dan

    There will likely be some combined questions as there was on one episode which was top ten actors that played james bond and miss moneypenny.

    1. Will Tennant

      or the Words for the Acronyms YMCA and UNICEF for instance, I think they’ll find it quite easy, I hate poll questions though because there’s always that element of stupid answers being included in them, that makes it impossible for anyone to win.

    1. Dan

      This sounds like it could the next taskmaster. A premise which doesn’t sound great on paper but will blow it out of the park. It’s got a fair bit going for it, cbbc stars, comedians. There’s talent presenting but whether that will help or hinder, who knows?

  3. The Corrector

    ITV due to confirm tomorrow Clarkson is hosting the Millionaire revival. One week of specials – stripped – in the spring.

    1. John R

      Wonder if they’ll be live or recorded, I quite liked the live editions Chris did in the final few years even though they did get a little chaotic!

      Hopefully they’ve axed the Big, bad, pointless clock but I have a feeling they’ll be messing with the money tree again. Also, with the contestants they’re likely to choose expect Phone A Friend to be upgraded to Snapchat A Friend.

  4. Crimsonshade

    Of note, my Sky Planner’s info for tonight’s episode bills it as “the last episode of the second series”. Given we already know this is only the second of the three filming blocks, make of that what you will.

  5. John R

    The new episodes, which are set to air later this spring, will include a number of new twists and turns for audiences to look forward to, ITV has said.

    Oh god.


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