Show Discussion: Ready or Not

By | March 31, 2018

Saturday, 6pm,

Paddy McGuinness hosts as unsuspecting people up and down the country discover they’re taking part in a surprise gameshow.

Vox pop style shows never seem to do very well, will this one buck the trend?

9 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Ready or Not

  1. Danny Kerner

    For a weird premise the show actually works. I Feel that 30mins is slightly too short due to that weird cuttaway midway through a quiz. 40 mins might just be enough.

  2. John R

    It probably isn’t the greatest sign in the world that they were handing out old tenners, must have been sat on the shelf quite a while.

    Nor is it a good sign after about 15 minutes in to Episode 1 they were already repeating the same ‘games’…only five more episodes to go!

    1. Danny Kerner

      They were probably showing 2 rounds per show as they were probably recorded in the same session. The games near enough will be the same just different locations due to the fact that it will spoil the surprise elements.

  3. Dan

    I like this show. It’s good family viewing entertainment. It is too short though, I think increasing the length to 45 minutes would be enough. I’m ready for it.

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    There’s no real reason for anyone to tune into this really (10 whole pounds! Compelling!), but it’s telling that the best ideas have been given the best hosts – Sam and Mark are able to sell A Game In Our Lift, Matthew Crosby off of Pappy’s is quite funny with the whole ‘pepper off, pepper on’ thing even if the game isn’t much. Going through the answers on Don’t Panic is interminable, although the ideas were quite fun.

    Everything else is annoying. Who thought Question Mark was a good idea? It’s like someone saw the lightning round from Billy On The Street and forgot to be funny.

  5. Cliff

    It’s alright, but it’s telling that none of the sets had the title Ready or Not on display, as if they’d started filming before they’d even finished developing it or coming up with a title.

    In fact, it feels a lot like several different but similar pilots cut together. Get London Hughes to present the whole thing and it could work.

    1. Danny Kerner

      They couldn’t give the game way that they are all connected to one show. If they make it look like a pilot then they can get away with it not being leaked.

      Also the trailer for the button has first broadcasted today so within the next 4 weeks it will b airing. Finally the 27th April is probably but not confirmed that the Crystal Mazeis returning.


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