Show Discussion: Revolution

By | March 31, 2018

Sunday, 6:30pm,
Sky One

Steve-O and Maya Jama are in charge as various X-treme sports sorts (“inline skaters, BMX-ers and Skateboarders”) go head to head with edge-of-your-seat action promised.

It’s Junior Kickstart with neon, by the sounds of it.

6 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Revolution

  1. Alex S

    I really enjoyed this. Pace was about right, some good games (especially The Vortex) and good production values overall. I was worried they would overproduce the contestants ‘stories’ as is the fashion at the moment but aside from a brief bit of bio the action spoke for itself.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I don’t have Sky One at the moment (I basically paid a Now Tv sub for GoT and Wild Things) but I hope to watch this in due course.

  2. David B

    Yes, this was really well done, all told. The pacing was good, the technicals were *really* impressive and it had a reasonable sense of fun. I think the personal stories have been dialled down to such a low level that it’s hard to root for one or other of the contestants. However, the concept of having events that can feature the different disciplines separately and together is really clever.

    With all the track they’ve got, I was wondering if it could have been configured so that it joined up into a Super Course at the end, but I guess that might be gilding the lily.

    Lord knows what the cost per viewer is going to be, but it’s nice to see something genuinely large-scale done so well. My only comment is that I would have liked it to have been a little more grungy in its art direction – a la Splatoon.

    1. David B

      156k for this, 15% down on the slot average (modulo Easter weekend).

    2. Alex S

      From the sounds of it, the pool of contestants mean that those that don’t win come back to compete again so we may get more player background as we see more of them.

  3. Whoknows

    I thought it was very well made and pretty enjoyable. Still feels a little niche and I can’t really see anyone coming to it for that reason, let’s see what the consolidated ratings look like when they come out.


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