Pharoah ‘nough

By | April 10, 2018

I’ve recently started playing Assassin’s Creed Origins, the recent Egyptian themed instalment of the start-each-mission-with-the-best-of-stealthy-intentions-then-just-kill-everyone-in-a-sword-fight series.

There was a period about ten years ago, after The Da Vinci Code came out, where shows about ancient codes hidden by old civilisations were all the rage. In the US there was the disappointing Treasure Hunters (which appears to be on Youtube). In the UK we had Codex and The Search with Jamie Theakston which remains one of TV’s most underappreciated reality shows.

Unfortunately The Search isn’t on Youtube, I wanted to illustrate this post with at least a clip of the episode where they went to Egypt.

So instead here’s ten minutes of an episode of Games Republic with Trevor and Simon. And Charlie Brooker!

7 thoughts on “Pharoah ‘nough

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Will they have recorded all sixty eps referring to it as The 100k Drop? That would seem like a rather heavy handed edit if so.

      1. John R

        I’m fairly sure Davina referred to it as the £100k Drop several times at the recording I went to see, but I suppose if they changed it later on it wouldn’t be too difficult to do some introduction retakes. (Davina probably wears the same dress the whole series to make it easy to pick and mix the games into episodes I would imagine).

        Also, they’ll have to digitally edit the £100k from the logo on the question screen or something.

        Slightly worried they’ve changed the name due to nobody getting anywhere near a big prize though, which was my takeaway from the recording – it starts to get ever so slightly boring to watch when they only have £10k left to shuffle around, and there are SIXTY episodes!

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          There is, of course, always the possibility the press release is wrong. But I can well imagine 60 episodes of people playing for increasingly uninteresting stakes could well get quite grating to watch.

      1. Setsunael

        He really wanted to bring Boom to Tf1 but that ended being a huge flop (thanks to overexcited contestants and some weird rules). He got arrogant then and was shown the door quickly after that. Must not have helped him.


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