It’s Eurovision Song Contest Week!

By | May 8, 2018

And I have never been less excited.

Semi 1 – Tuesday, 8pm BBC Four
The UK votes in this one.

Semi 2 – Thursday, 8pm BBC Four

Grand Final – Saturday, 8pm, BBC1

Join Scott Mills and Rylan for the live semi-finals on BBC Four and Graham Norton on Saturday for the Eurovision Grand Final to watch Surie finish about 14th, all LIVE from Lisbon.

Don’t know what it is but I’m really not feeling it this year. Might be because I have so much stuff to catch-up with the prospect of seven plus hours of Eurovision on top doesn’t appeal, but I’m going to watch the final with friends anyway, not sure I’ll bother with the semis.

But the problem here is me. Do feel free to discuss anything Eurovision 2018 related here.

12 thoughts on “It’s Eurovision Song Contest Week!

  1. CeleTheRef

    Avanti Un Altro! Primetime! Again! Coming soon!

  2. David

    Losing Azerbaijan AND Greece AND Armenia in the semi, and getting Albania AND the Czech Republic AND Ireland to qualify? We truly did not deserve these excellent results.

    LOL at Belgium being the favourite to win for a while there though.

    1. Alex

      And now Russia and Romania are gone.

      What is this timeline!?

  3. Crimsonshade

    I’m mostly posting this to spark discussion about something other than Millionaire; but in case anyone happened to miss this piece of Eurovision / political news because they have more important things going on:

    The Eurovision Broadcasting Union has officially banned China’s state broadcaster, Mango TV, from broadcasting any of the rest of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, after it emerged that during Tuesday’s Semi-Final, the broadcaster deliberately hid Ireland and Albania’s entries in order to comply with a Chinese governmental ban on broadcasting depiction of same-sex relationships on television.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Actually that’s really interesting given they made a big thing of China broadcasting it not so long ago.

    2. Alex

      Only the Irish entry was censored because of the same-sex issue.
      The Albanian entry was removed because of the singer’s tattoos. Not that they were offensive, but because he had some.

  4. David

    Here’s the singing order tonight:

    01. Ukraine
    02. Spain
    03. Slovenia
    04. Lithuania
    05. Austria
    06. Estonia
    07. Norway
    08. Portugal
    — break
    09. United Kingdom
    10. Serbia
    11. Germany
    12. Albania
    13. France
    14. Czech Republic
    15. Denmark
    16. Australia
    — break
    17. Finland
    18. Bulgaria
    19. Moldova
    20. Sweden
    21. Hungary
    22. Israel
    23. The Netherlands
    24. Ireland
    25. Cyprus
    26. Italy

    And the oddsmakers have Cyprus, Israel, Ireland, France, and Lithuania (in that order) as the favorites…

    1. Danny Kerner

      So this year’s top 3 according to bookmakers are from block 3. Hoping they get it completely wrong as it shows the fresher the song the better chance it can win.

      1. Des Elmes

        Portugal was in block 2 last year if memory serves correctly.

  5. David

    And a stage invasion during the UK song, of all things…

      1. Greg

        Or not….

        Personally I think a good choice. Covers her back for when we do really bad as expected can blame the stage invader.


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