More contestant shout outs

By | June 3, 2018

The Bar’s still really slow, sorry we will see what we can do.

Bother’s Bar favourite and errant genius Gary Monaghan (of Wild Things, Banzai and TV Mayhem fame), he’s looking for contestants for a Rhod Gilbert fronted comedy quiz rehearsal and run through. He’s requiring people for this coming Friday, the following Tuesday and on June 14th. If you’re interested send your details to

In other news it’s Schlag den Henssler next Saturday, and the new series of Raven starts tomorrow, but as it was filmed back to back with the last one we’re not expecting great changes, so you direct your comments to the first series discussion post.

Bother’s Bar’s Game Night returns June 16th, look out for details in due course.

Edit: And of course next weekend it’s also the annual 24 Hour Gameshow Marathon. Do give generously. So much stuff!

4 thoughts on “More contestant shout outs

    1. David B

      As Cory’s now revealed, I’ve written a special new case for the Armchair Detectives section of the Gameshow Marathon. So tune in at midnight Saturday GMT (probably just around the end of Henssler) and see if you can win your own virtual Golden Magnifying Glass.

  1. David

    I don’t know if this is related to how well Love Island does in the UK, but the USA network here in the states are in serious discussions to bring back Temptation Island..


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