It’s Bother’s Bar’s Game Night 10 next Saturday and I’m looking for panellists

By | June 10, 2018

It’s the first one we’ve done since Christmas but Bother’s Bar’s Game Night 10 is happening next Saturday – 9pm until around 11:30pm UK, and I’m looking for seven people to join the panel to play and react to the usual Jackbox Games suite all wrapped up in an arbitrary metagame that will determine who is the CHAMPION OF THE NIGHT, and wins a guaranteed invitation to the BBGN immediately after Jackbox 5 comes out. Will the live viewers Team Audience beat the panel this time?

You will need:

  • A second screen to play along with. You will need your big monitor for the Google Hangout to watch the 5 FPS action.
  • A microphone. A camera is not necessary.
  • A Twitter account so I can relay messages.
  • You’ll need to be free next Saturday night between 8:50pm UK and midnight (in case of overrun).

Specifically I would like a mix of old and new panellists, you should definitely apply if any of these apply to you:

  • Have watched in the past and think it might be fun. Haven’t watched? Here’s a playlist. The later ones are better, obviously.
  • Are female! We struggle to get female representation and there’s no reason for that other than I don’t get any to consider.

Please don’t be offended if you don’t get chosen, I only have room for so many, and I’d love for you to watch, comment and playalong as part of Team Audience. One of you might get asked to come on and play the Arbitrary Endgame, I haven’t decided yet.

If you’re interested you need to let me know, leave a comment or message me on Twitter – direct is probably easier otherwise I risk forgetting you applied. Otherwise get your phones ready, alwright? Goodnight!

17 thoughts on “It’s Bother’s Bar’s Game Night 10 next Saturday and I’m looking for panellists

  1. Joseph Bolas

    As always I enjoy being in the audience (although I am a %100 #teamdan supporter) and this year is no exception :). That is my place and I am sticking to it 😀

    1. Daniel Peake

      That, Joseph, is the correct answer! I’m on standby but I reckon you should use other panellists preferentially (you know, do that you all stand a chance).


  2. Andrew, the Yank

    Once again I can’t join, alas, but I will tune in when I get home from work and play from the audience.

    Signed, BBGN Champion of Champions.

  3. Mathew Palmieri

    Doing it. You know the drill about me. Can’t do it on my laptop by main screen can be done on iPad….

      1. Alex

        When I got the connection issues in De Slimste I was able to get the Hangouts app, but I wasn’t quick enough loading it in time. Also I think Quickman used iPad for the Golden Shot endgame that time.

  4. Matt Clemson

    I noticed that little turn of phrase at the end of the post, but didn’t actually twig that it was a hint. Clearly I’m off my game!

  5. CNightwing

    I would love to join, but the irony is that I’ll be in Cambridge, probably yards away from you.


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