Bother’s Bar Game Night X: Strike It Briggy #BBGNX

By | June 15, 2018

Saturday 16th June,
9pm UK – Around 11:30pm,
Here and on Youtube


We’re back! It’s been six months since the last one and I’ve got a couple of new tricks up my sleeve. Join me and my seven panellists as we play the best of the Jackbox suite of games LIVE as someone hopes to strike it Briggy and end up the champion of the night, winning a guaranteed invite to the Bother’s Bar Jackbox 5 launch Game Night.

As usual Team Audience are there to ruin everything and win the night for themselves as everyone clocks up points to earn the advantage in the Strike it Briggy Arbitrary Final. Who’ll end up top, who’ll end up middle and who’ll end up bottom? “How is a Hot Spot not DEFINED?”

To play along you will need to be watching the live Youtube stream embedded here or on Youtube, and you’ll need a second screen to log into, follow the onscreen prompts and use the room code to join in. The first person to put the code in will be the Team Audience representative for the game, everyone else will be answering, voting and judging the action. You are very important!

The latency is only a few seconds watching on a computer, bear in mind prompts will come up on your phone a few seconds before they come up on screen. If you’re watching on a Youtube app the delay might be a little bit longer. Nothing here is quickfire so don’t panic, join in as you can.

14 thoughts on “Bother’s Bar Game Night X: Strike It Briggy #BBGNX

  1. Ash The Bash

    Really enjoyed tuning in tonight, despite my poor drawing and artistic interpretation skills! Must make a habit of checking for future game nights in the future!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Thanks very much for coming! One of the best Game Nights tonight. I advise following on Twitter or and/or subscribing to the Youtube Channel as the quickest way to know when the next one is, which won’t be until September/October I don’t think. Really enjoyed the Youtube chat, which I’m not usually able to do but with my new set-up I can.

      Always looking for new panellists and the like.

  2. Alex

    Hmm, the stream says it’s 2h40, yet it’s trimmed to 2 hours when you start it? It’s a bit weird starting in the middle of Bracketeering.

      1. Alex

        Aaaaah. Might also be because nobody mentioned “David Sodding Bodycombe”.

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    Just noticed the Audience were in a rather unfortunate position of having no good move at the end there, which is a shame. Done over by the theming.

    1. Matt Clemson

      I did also note that me and the audience got through that column safely once each with the two safe moves available.

      One nice other accidental side-effect of the random layout was that column one had only safe moves and questions, so Peter still had a chance to get his foot in the door despite having no lives to play with.

  4. TVs Michael Harmstone

    Thanks all for a really fun evening. Easily the most fun of the three I’ve played, and happy to (finally) not enter the AEG in last.

    If you’re on the fence about joining, DO IT. It’s a couple of hours of fun.


  5. Josh R

    The only reason I got into the first game of Guesspionage was because as soon as the stream started, I put the code in. Just had to time it right.


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