Barrel Scraping

By | June 27, 2018

[If you want to go to see Britain’s Brightest Family being filmed, it’s filming in early August in Salford, tickets SRO.]

Thanks to it being Summer and there being a World Cup there is very little of interest to write about. However Lumines Remastered has just come out on All The Systems, and it would be remiss not to point out that it’s basically Four Square: The Puzzle Game, hence it is relevant actually.

I’ve bought the PS4 version but it is apparently a very good Switch game.

With this in mind, time to remind you of my various Usernames elsewhere for fun and hi-score frolics:

Steam: Add me on Steam if you want. (bothersbar)
Playstation Network: Ditto we can be chums on PSN for high score fun if you’re that way inclined. BrigBother ought to do it, but this handy link should do it as well.
Switch: Code SW-2805-5403-1808
XBox Live: I also recently reactivated my old XBox Live account for PC stuff, where I am Brig Bother.

4 thoughts on “Barrel Scraping

  1. David

    Sort of related (since it’s done by the same production people as Lumines and there is a Tetris-inspired gameshow called Blokken), here’s a Tetris master playing the new Tetris Effect game coming out (I’m amazed, especially when he uses the VR mode- and it’s his first time with either system…)

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      It’s very pretty, but I’m convinced I’d just find the effects too distracting after a while.

  2. Alex

    Oh God, my free time is basically going to die on its arse thanks to this. I really like Lumines.


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