The Dragon’s Tomb

By | June 29, 2018

Not gameshow related but likely of interest (as we do from time to time when there’s not much of note), last night, having been on my to do list for sometime, I discovered The Dragon’s Tomb, from their Youtube:

Everyone hates learning the rules to tabletop games. It’s like going to one of those long timeshare presentations before getting your free vacation: if you want to have fun, you have to suffer through boring torture first.

That is… until now!

My name is Jeff Kornberg, and I make “How To Play” board game tutorial videos on my channel called “The Dragon’s Tomb.” A lot of other YouTube channels currently make similar kinds of videos, but most of them get the rules wrong, go on too long, or have boring hosts who are nerdy. My channel aims to fix all that. Each one of my videos concisely covers all rules of each game, while being hosted by someone who isn’t a nerd (me).

I am planning on making a “How To Play” video for every board game that exists, so if you get a new game, please wait until I make a video for it before attempting to play.

Here is a very short five-minute tutorial on Carcassonne:

Viewers, I wasn’t aware I wanted a niche Look Around You-esque take on boardgame rules tutorials in my life, but now I do I want a ton more of it. Pointing out it’s a joke probably isn’t ideal, but I suspect it’s the only way I’ll get you to watch the vid. Jeff absolutely nails the measured tone and presentation of this sort of thing – it’s probably about 30-45 seconds in you start to realise it’s not what you think it is, and the tutorial is even funnier if you’re aware of what he does with the source materials. This video series is a blast.

3 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Tomb

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      As Paddy McGuinness uses a triple exclamation mark in his quote and Joe Lycett doesn’t use even a single one, Catchpoint is guaranteed to be three times as exciting as The Time It Takes. Take that to the bank!!!

      The Dragon’s Tomb: I particularly liked the Cards Against Humanity video which was at the game’s expense in a way that the other videos aren’t, and the Twister one was a cute concept.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Oh Christ, the “your mom” cards had me howling.

        I really enjoy the internal logic in the videos, and that you could legitimately play all of these things in this way if you wanted – Codewords strikes me as being properly quite funny to play with those rules, for example. The only one it doesn’t quite work for is Settlers of Catan with the dice, but the jokes are quite funny anyway.


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