The Cubiscus

By | July 31, 2018

As giant arcade games are all the rage now, let’s remember the ultimate version of those crane grabbing games, The Cubiscus from Vic and Bob’s Families At War.

Crane grabbers seem to be the first thing that comes into people’s heads when thinking up giant arcade machine quizzes, but I’d be interested in wondering how you’d think such a show would work and what would make it appealing. My worry with Rollin’ In It (filming pilot next week) is that whilst Tipping Point is effectively a board with various intriguing states that develop as the show progresses, coin rolling will just be basically target practice repeated over and over and I question sustainability. We shall see.

4 thoughts on “The Cubiscus

  1. Steve Williams

    I was so excited when Families at War turned up on YouTube as I had so many fond memories of it. It seemed so exciting at the time, and the series actually began just after Noel’s House Party had ended and so it felt like a proper passing on of the baton. And then the Beeb totally chickened out and dumped it at ten to six.

    Anyway, when I did finally get to see it again, er, it was OK. The Cubiscus is brilliant, it’s just the funniest thing. And the opening is also great fun, where the contestants introduce themselves via song (“I’m Carol, a beautician! Waxing an ape is my ambition!”). But the rest of it was, er, a bit dull, alas.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I like those machines where you hit some sort of jackpot and then coins rain down for about five minutes straight.


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