Panellists wanted for SMBB: LIVE!

By | September 20, 2018

That’s right! Summer is over and that means we start thinking about interactivity, and that means it’s almost time for Bother’s Bar(‘s) Game Night XI: SMBB: LIVE! What can match the anarchy of a Saturday morning kid’s TV magazine show with the tight formatting of a Saturday morning kid’s TV magazine show?

We will be going live at 9:25pm on Saturday 29th September and require a panel of motormouths who don’t mind running the risk of a double dare in the twistiest most arbitrary game night yet, ending in a final of great skill – and don’t forget this is the last opportunity to guarantee your spot in the upcoming CoCs and be one of the first to play Jackbox 5 when it comes out in the coming months.

Team Audience are an important part of Game Night and we will be opening up Youtube Chat for you to interact with me and the panel during the games themselves, as well as being the Eighth Player. Just bring yourselves and a smart device and join the fun.

But if you want to join the panel you will need:

  • To be free from about 9:15pm UK to around midnight on 29th September.
  • A microphone. A camera is not necessary for Game Night.
  • A Twitter, so I can disseminate information.
  • A screen to watch the live stream through a Google Hangout and a screen with a web browser to play the games on.

We’re especially interested to hear from you if you’re female and/or haven’t been a panellist before. There are no guarantees of anything, the aim is to cast for an entertaining show and I want a mix so don’t take it personally if you are not selected, I will almost certainly be oversubscribed. What I will say is that we will definitely be needing a Voice Of The Audience for the Arbitrary Final so have a mic ready on the night if you want that to be you.

I’d like to get a panel sorted by Thursday night so try and show your interest by Wednesday 26th, if you could use the form it would save me having to remember who has applied or not verbally. Gopher it!

9 thoughts on “Panellists wanted for SMBB: LIVE!

  1. Someone with a Theory as to what one of the games might be this time

    You mentioned this on Twitter a day or two ago, and I’m sure I encountered a fantastic Wonky Donkey in real life recently, which I since have contrived to forget. Carry on.

  2. David B

    Have I ever won one of the Game Nights, or have I been continually cursed by your frankly unfair end games?

  3. Alex

    “Final of great skill”

    If you’re doing Splatoon, I would dispute that! We know what happened last time I played Golden Shot.

    1. Will Stephen

      Na it’s worse, we’ll all have to do our own unique PokeRaps to score points…

  4. Andrew, the Yank

    Alas, I will not finish work in time to play. Time differences are the worst. Over the winter I should have Saturdays off though…


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