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  1. Alex

    So, the past fortnight I’ve been out in Cyprus, and I come bearing mild info on things that happen in Greek TV:

    – Money Drop is indeed a thing in Greece, and it seems to have gone all Spanish and offered a top prize of €300,000 split into chunks of €6k.
    – Greece got My Man Can this year. And it’s completely different from the German format. They get rid of the poker chip element and it’s all done by bidding on how many or how quick you can do a certain task (fairly simple tasks, the one I saw featured eating chilis against the clock and running an obstacle course in high heels). There’s a flat amount for each round (I think €1k), everybody plays each round (it’s a 1h45 show so naturally drags like hell), with the best performer pocketing the cash. One of the rounds each episode switches the roles, with My Woman Can logo to boot. The two best couples play a final round which is an individual task (this one was throwing five car tyres onto a tall spike), and for some reason is played first to 9, with no advantage for leading into the round and given the nature of the round, lasts a frankly insulting amount of time. I believe it’s a daily show with the four winners coming back on the Friday to play for a car.

    Hope that wasn’t a convoluted explanation. As it was an all-inclusive hotel I did watch the thing whilst on the Keo, so.

    1. xr

      Ridiculously, Greek My Man Can has been showing two different, near identical productions on two different channels concurrently (both ANT1 and SKAI ). ANT1 version’s title translates as The Partner Knows, and the channel puts up daily highlight reels in equally inexplicable SD: https://youtu.be/JHhAIIw_-1A . SKAI’s My Man Can simply refuses to end, and naughty episodes can be found on line https://youtu.be/4DMNDdZhklY

      For the past 2-3 years, spearheaded by the Turkish-style WoF, quiz and variety competitions have saturated Greek TV in general, while networks generally avoided everything but reality talent competitions before. Guess they remembered how cheap these shows can be to make. Even Ruck Zuck was resuscitated.

        1. xr

          ANT1 Cyprus makes up its own schedule, and has limited original programming. SKAI is just the Greek station broadcasting in another market.


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