The Crystal Maze Board Game is out in the wild

By | October 11, 2018

We’ve been alerted to the fact that the new Crystal Maze board game has begun its slow roll-out and you can buy it from WH Smiths for £28. KEEP ‘EM PEELED.

It’s meant to be coming to bigger retailers in due course.

13 thoughts on “The Crystal Maze Board Game is out in the wild

  1. John R

    A question for The Chase nerds

    My mate is currently at a pub quiz with the Dark Destroyer having posed the question what was the date of the first ever episode of The Chase

    Online sources say 29 June 2009 but I know there was a pilot run of episodes alongside The Fuse initially…were they aired starting that date or earlier?

    1. Brandon

      This got me thinking, there will probably be a 10th anniversary special episode next year. Maybe with the best past contestants invited back to play for charity, or have the team entirely made up of 4 of the Chasers.

  2. Alex

    Yes. The first episode did air 29th June. The original slot was called Quiz Time at 5, they aired two weeks of The Chase, two weeks of The Fuse, and whichever did better stayed on. Obviously you know what won.

    1. Brandon

      Rylan is a good host, as he somehow managed to hold together the mess that was Babushka. I wonder what time slot this will go out in, as the old 9.25 slot doesn’t really exist now and I can’t imagine it going into the 5pm slot as the 2007 version did. Maybe it will go into the 3pm Tenable slot, that feels about right.

      1. Danny Kerner

        I’m thinking this might be a primetime slot potential either on a Saturday or Sunday night slot. Especially if Freemantle are thinking of Celebritising the show. (If it is even a word).


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