Stool Pigeon October 2018: The Results

By | October 30, 2018

Right, I left my Anonybox open all afternoon, let’s see what interesting gossip you didn’t want to put your name on you have come up with:

  • Letterbox is still boring. – Well, yes.
  • In the U.S., a local station in Philadelphia has airing a local game show called “The Class-H Room” (no, really, that’s how they spell it) for about a month now. It pits teams of students and teachers against each other. All episodes have uploaded on YouTube. – I can’t work it out, is that meant to be a pun? It’s Canada’s Smart Ask all over again.
  • The worst “Tell us a fun fact about yourself” response I ever heard at a quiz show audition was, “I’ve been arrested for murder twice”.
  • I have been present at several pitches for pretty straightforward quiz shows at which someone has suggested “what if we made them wear shock suits?”. It has never once improved anything. – Yeah, I mean at most it’s a round of Distraction isn’t it? Where do you go from there? At least with something like Russian Roulette once you’ve comically screamed and fallen through the floor you’re literally out and the show progresses.
  • Crystal maze live is moving its London maze to the trocadero in the new year. Completely new games apparently too. – yes indeed, 32 of them apparently. Little Lion had been trailing a mystery announcement for ages and people assumed it would be something new and exciting, and there’s me going “it’s probably just going to be a new Crystal Maze.” I am skill.
  • James Acaster should be on every series of Taskmaster, in disguise if necessary. – When Taskmaster first started, I loved the idea of it but thought it should be a bit more argumentative. Seven series later we finally have an aggressively entertaining panel and it’s getting its biggest ever numbers. Good.
  • Enjoyed inside number 9 live Halloween Ghostwatch remake, although compared to Ghostwatch in writing it’s a little lacking and the other program flashbacks are….we’ll there just a bit to silly in my taste. Needed to be PERFECTLY edited to work altogether. Though I will applied the crew for having the nerve to do a thing like this in this modern day and age and actually working, sorta…. makes me wonder what a proper official Ghostwatch remake would be like…. ( and I know there was a short story sequel by the original creator!) – fascinated by the puntctuation here but yes I watched it on catch-up having forgotten it was on and enjoyed it although I think there were probably one or two elements too many, less is sometimes more. I laughed when I heard it lost 30% of its audience about ten minutes in.
  • Edit: Facebook considering an international version of The Mole. Ooh!

And there we are! Join us next time for your fascinating anonymous opinions and gossip the next time we open the Stool Pigeon!

5 thoughts on “Stool Pigeon October 2018: The Results

  1. Brandon

    I’ve worked out the pun for the show at the top. The Clash Room. Took a a good few seconds to figure that one out, I don’t know why they didn’t just spell it normally, the pun still works.

    1. Brandon

      Only the Italians would do something like this. Also, it’s a bit of a surprise that there’s still any versions of Ready Steady Cook left considering the British version died about 8 years ago.

      1. Crimsonshade

        Whatever happened to the rumours that BBC were contemplating a revival?

        1. John R

          The Apprentice : You’re Fired sort of revived the audience voting part! (from the good old days before they tweaked the set with stupid lights and keypads!)


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