Buying US e-Shop games on a UK Switch

By | November 5, 2018

I’ve never done this before, but Danny Kerner has pointed out that there are recently released Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy games out on Switch in the US, and I’m currently in a bit of a WoF and J! mood.

Presumably some of you will have done this sort of thing before, is it easy? How would you go about doing it?

(I know I could probably just Google it, but we’re all about the community).

Incidentally, keep Saturday 15th December free for 13th Night: Bother’s Bar Festive Game Night. More details nearer the time.

Incidentally, if you have a Switch quiz itch to scratch, Trivial Pursuit Live! has just come out and presuming it’s a straight port of the (years old) PS4 one is pretty good fun. Closer to Buzz than the board game.

Also it’s Fireworks Night.

17 thoughts on “Buying US e-Shop games on a UK Switch

  1. Unoriginalname

    Getting to another region’s eShop is actually relatively easy. Go to the Nintendo website, create a new Nintendo account (this does require a 2nd e-mail address, you can’t use the same one you already did), set it to the region you want access to (make sure its not the region you are already in). Then get on your Switch, go to add a new user in the settings, add that account you just created as the new user (for simplicity, make sure the icon you use is different so you can easily identify which is which), and when you then go to the eShop on your Switch, select the new user account instead of your first one and you should get access to that region’s eShop.

    Buying stuff is where things get tricky. All of the Nintendo eShop regions require that you use a credit card from the region: in other words, a European credit card will not work on the North American store, and I’ve heard PayPal usually clamps down on this too. So your best bet is going to be buying eShop gift card codes online for the region you want to buy from (note: eShop codes are not cross-region, so you have to buy codes for the appropriate region). There are sites that sell such codes like Play Asia, which will send you the code via email as soon as you purchase. However, that also does mean you are going to be paying more than face value (though usually not that much more). I would not recommend buying the physical cards simply because those have to be shipped and you have to trust that the seller didn’t use them already. Alternatively, if you know someone in the region you trust, you could send them the money and ask them to buy a card and send the code on it to you. Once you have the code, go into the eShop of the region you wanted, on the left it will say ‘Enter Code’, put the 16 character code there, and you should get the money on your eShop account instantly. At that point, it should just be a usual purchase process.

    Hope this helps.

      1. Danny Kerner

        That’s what i was trying to explain to you yesterday on twitter. However with limited characters it was hard to do.

  2. Andrew, the Yank

    You’ve done it again, Brig. Even though I have weekends off from November until April, you’ve chosen a Saturday where there’s a special work event so I won’t be able to take part. Alas!

  3. CeleTheRef

    Big news from Italy: Affari Tuoi and WWTBAM are coming back in 2019!
    Millionaire will probably be a series of primetime specials, as the usual 7PM slot will belong to AUA!

      1. CeleTheRef

        Gerry said he will host. He asked to host either Wheel of Fortune or Millionaire, the network listened.
        He also teased about an upcoming game titled Countdown, but it’s not THAT Countdown 🙁
        The host of Affari Tuoi is not known. As Flavio Insinna is now on L’Eredità, perhaps Gabriele Corsi from Chain Reaction is going to fill in.

        Some of the AUA! cast are making a band, the NextOne! 😀
        (for the curious, the signs in the back have lewd jokes 😛 )

  4. Danny Kerner

    I have had a quick go of both games last night and i can tell you they are both better versions than what THQ Nordic have brought out in the past. Ubisoft are the new license holders and i can tell you that with other older gameshow conversions (Price is Right, Press Your Luck, Million Dollar Pyramid) they have done in the past you won’t regret the purchase.

    1. Danny Kerner

      Well after reading that comment on reddit it makes me doubt the performance. I had a go earlier today and i didn’t seem to have any of the issues described. The spin feature needs to be refined as i did have issues with strength, but none like the major problems.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Great question, something like Legends of the Hidden Temple? It feels like something Nickelodeon based anyway.

      1. Aaron

        Legends is the only show I can think of, but would Nickelodeon even allow it? As I’ve said before, it amazes me that apparently in the UK, the corporate owners of shows such as The Crystal Maze\Knightmare\Get Your Own Back allow crowdfunded live recreations to go ahead.

        1. Jon

          Aaron well they make money out of it if it’s successful and if not the Live Experience of TCM they wouldn’t have had a series commissioned.

      2. David

        If might not be TV show based though- there’s a lot of other material they could do for a live experience..One thing I’m sort of shocked no one has tried is a Mario Party-like experience (family-friendly, can do a lot of different types of games, known license- and Universal isn’t going to do anything major with it in Orlando for a few years when they build a new theme park down there, so why not take a small part of the area they were originally going to use to do something like it instead of it sitting there empty? A long shot I know, but it’s sort of a lateral move between CM and this in a way)

    2. 'Mr Babbage'

      You say that, but the Cyberdrome people ran their maze in Japan without a tiein show and it did well (as well as the others, pretty much). I’ve often thought that The Crystal Maze would make a good format for Nickelodeon, played pretty much as Ayoade does now (Steve Valentine for Mazemaster?) and we know the live events have worked as stalking horses before…


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