By | November 13, 2018

Do you remember a little while ago there were rumours Mark Labbett was doing Celeb Big Brother (RIP) and we said that what we really wanted was Anne Hegerty to do I’m a Celeb, and she told us that she’d really rather not do it?

Well she is. And what a supporting line-up!

  • Football manager – Harry Redknapp
  • Corrie star– Sair Khan
  • TV presenter – Nick Knowles
  • Singer – Fleur East
  • Popstar – James McVey
  • TV’s ‘The Governess’ – Anne Hegerty
  • Hollyoaks actor –Malique Thompson-Dwyer
  • Comedy actor – Emily Atack
  • Actor & entertainer – John Barrowman MBE
  • Actor – Rita Simons

What seems incredible is that about half of these are going concerns, I mean Nick Knowles? is he eyeing up an ITV transfer?

Obviously we’re #TeamHegerty all the way and wish her the best of luck, she’ll probably just scare the bugs away.

I also fear that Fleur East will be finding cockroaches in her hair for weeks afterwards.

I’m a Celeb, which has an additional concern in that Ant is still in rehab so is being replaced by Holly Willoughby, starts Sunday at 9pm on ITV.

5 thoughts on “#AnneInTheJungle

  1. Chris B

    That is a strong lineup, and arguably stronger than Strictly for once. This year Strictly have had a Yotuber for the first time, whereas I’m A Celeb have avoided the “nu-celeb” vlog/Towie types for the first time in ages.

    I imagine they’ve gone all in for the lineup due to the Ant factor, whereas something like Strictly can cope with poor-ish lineups, the draw for I’m a Celeb with poor lineups are the Ant & Dec antics.

    Poor TV’s Nick Knowles, his album not doing that well must have hit him hard. Maybe a duets album with Barrowman could be on the cards?

    Lots of people saying Barrowman will win, and whilst I can see that and I like him myself, I can also imagine a lot of people finding him annoying too. For me, I think either him or Anne both have a big chance of winning.

  2. Brandon

    I haven’t watched this in many years because it was getting very samey, but this feels like a interesting line-up with a good variety.

  3. Danny Kerner

    Noel Edmonds has been officially confirmed by ITV & I’m A Celebrity twitter feeds.


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