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By | December 2, 2018

Traditionally there’s not an awful lot to write about in December (it’s Christmas!) and I don’t have any leave left to go and watch anything being filmed (last year we did Top of the Pops/5 Gold Rings) but at the very least we have a lot of community stuff happening across the month. Get your eyes around these:

  • 8th December : Schlag den Star – The freeforall seemed to work quite well last time so we will look into doing it again.
  • 9th December : Friend of the Bar Anne Hegerty wins I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here – self explanatory.
  • 15th December : Bother’s Bar Festive Game Night: 13th Night – featuring a massive elephant in the room.
  • 28th December (TBC) : Bother’s Bar FIGHT NIGHT – LIVE! For everyone who gets a Switch with Smash Bros for Christmas, join in with Bother’s Bar Fight Night which, for the first time, we’re going to attempt to live stream for those who just want to watch. Details to come, add me as a Switch friend in the interim SW-2805-5403-1808.
  • 2nd January : The BB/ Poll of 2018 – Incredible.

I might attempt to do another Bother’s Bar Plays Badly. In the interim, here’s a fascinating playlist of someone playing old US gameshow video games.

5 thoughts on “Coming December at Bother’s Bar

  1. Daniel Peake

    And, may I recommend, a whole month of puzzles constructed by yours truly?

    It’s a Puzzle Advent Calendar – PUZZLEVENT! A new puzzle to solve each day up to (and including) Christmas Day. Fans at the Bar are likely to enjoy This Sort Of Thing.

    Follow me (@danielpeake) on twitter, where I’ll publish all the puzzles several times a day, and get caught up on previous puzzles at

    Good luck, all!

  2. Will Stephen

    I’ve spent the past week sorting my computer out to do a gamesnight in my shop using old gameshow/party games from various consoles. Wheel of Fortune on Wii is hilarious for those wondering.

    Gonna try and stream it too if the PC can handle multiple monitors and craziness. Might even have an appearance of the Crystal Maze board game :-O

  3. Christopher McB

    I used to play the PS1 version of The Weakest Link all the time when it was released. The interesting thing about watching this video is that it seems that although the sprites are the same between the USA version and the UK version of the game, the characters have different voices, hometowns, names and occupations. The first two I can understand for localised versions, but the latter two seems quite off.

  4. Chris M. Dickson

    I’m taking a gander at the 2017 Poll of the Year results and you requested a reminder in December to consider adding a radio category. Please consider this to be the alarm clock that you set back in January going off. BRING BRING BRING BRING, Brig Brig Brig Brig.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Ta. Will probably be introducing some sort of “non-broadcast” category for Netflix/Youtube as well, although like the Radio category, will probably have to be “some new content made this year” rather than new formats per se.


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