8 thoughts on “Absolutely baffling.

  1. Danny Kerner

    Which could also mean don’t expect Supermarket Sweep to end up in the usual location of ITV. It could end up anywhere but most likely due to “Rylans” involvement on Channel 5.

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    Well, I hope _one_ of them gets the theme right. Paging Charlie Wheeler…

  3. Des Elmes

    I guess that’s Blockbusters.

    And in response to Danny: while I wouldn’t consider myself Rylan’s biggest fan, I still think TV would be poorer without him. P**rs M*rg*n, on the other hand…

  4. Brandon

    I was just about to comment this on the other Blockbusters revival thread, when this came up. I’ve thought for a while that Dara should host some sort of non-panel-show quiz, and that a Blockbusters revival with an actual budget would be quite good. But as this is going to Comedy Central, it will have a low budget and probably rely too much on the “can I have a P please” joke or some weird adult variation of it. At least the upside of this being on Comedy Central is that it’s not getting in the way of any brilliant new ideas getting commissioned as I thought it would if this revival was for ITV.

  5. Greg

    I guess they are going to try and make it more 8 Out of 10 Cats does Blockbusters than Blockbusters.

    He can’t be any worse than Simon Mayo. But seeing his attempt at presenting Robot Wars not sure I hold out much hope.

  6. Matt Clemson

    As a random musing, is Blockbusters the game show that’s appeared (I guess defined as “broadcast first-run episodes”) on the most different channels? The only thing that I think could compete is Mastermind (particularly if you count Radio4 or S4C), and I think Blockbusters is still ahead – ITV, Sky One, BBC2, Challenge and now Comedy Central?

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      It very probably will be. What’s My Line? has been on BBCs 1, 2 and FOUR (once) as well as ITV over the years, but I can’t find a fifth that really fits the bill. It could probably fill a slot on 4 or 5 even today, either played straight or in the 8 out of 10 Cats stylee with risque professions.

      As an aside, my early guess is that this is going to be a very trad. arr. of Blockbusters, though I’d be surprised to see returning contestants or straddling games, and there will probably just be more bants between questions, as organically as possible, sprinkled either heavily or lightly depending on whether the games are cake walks or competitive. Might work, if they get the contestant casting right. Might not.


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