It’s Schlag Saturday!

By | December 6, 2018

It’s been a little while since the last one but join us on Saturday on Discord from 7:15pm for the live Communal Schlag den Star Watchalong!

This episode, popstar Sarah Lombardi takes on rapper Eko Fresh over 15 events for Elton’s €100,000 briefcase. There will probably be some singing acts too, which we will probably ignore.

5 thoughts on “It’s Schlag Saturday!

      1. CeleTheRef

        Question #12 is for €70,000 (apparently they like the number 7 because question #7 is for, what else, €7,000).

        Viewership data is out, and WWTBAM won in a landslide (19% share, the closest competitor got less than 10%).
        At the same time, the Bake Off final got a respectable 4%. A 16 year old student won it all.

        Finally, from 2019 the law will allow gameshows in Italy to pay cash prizes in, well, cash. Gone will be the gold tokens that networks used as substitute, and winners won’t have to lose about 20% of it to convert the tokens into money.


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