Bother’s Bar Festive Game Night: 13th Night

By | December 15, 2018

Tonight, 9:15pm UK
Here and on Youtube

Get your phones ready! We’ll be live at 9:15.

8 thoughts on “Bother’s Bar Festive Game Night: 13th Night

  1. Andrew, the Yank

    Still sad a work commitment got in the way AGAIN. I have most weekends off over the winter months, other than special events.

    1. Liam Davis

      Huh, So i’m 5th in the amount of Game Nights Attended (4th excluding the Audience) Yet still last in points.. Christ on a Pogo stick that’s astonishing.

  2. Callum J

    Deal or No Deal was briefly brought back as a segment on Happy Hour with Olly Murs last night, complete with Noel Edmonds hosting it.


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