It’s The Great Briggish Festive Jack Off tonight!

By | December 22, 2018
The trophy.

Saturday, 9:15pm UK
Here and on Youtube.

That’s right, tonight SIX contestants will battle it out in a test of smart-arse quizzery and staying power.

FIVE straight games of You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream, the lowest scorer each time eliminated until there’s only one person left who leaves the Jack Off tent with this magnificent trophy, which was going to be used for something else six months ago that we never got round to doing.

We’ll be live here and on Youtube and the audience can play along and affect the outcome – the value of each question is partly determined by the amount of audience members who get the question wrong. Grab your mobile and join the audience, go to and put in the room code in the corner. They’ll be a slight broadcast delay, so look at your phone and listen to the stream is our advice.

Live from 9:15!

12 thoughts on “It’s The Great Briggish Festive Jack Off tonight!

  1. Andrew Sullivan

    Just to clarify, when I was eliminated and I stated ‘I’ve got THIS bad boy!’. I was showing the other participants my Fifteen To One trophy.

    Very fun game, really enjoyed it, even though my participation was short-lived.

  2. Andrew, the Yank

    For the record, I mostly wanted to outlast Dan because after he was eliminated I wanted to use the name “Danscrewed”

  3. Greg

    I am guessing you have all seen the recent additions to Netflix

    Minute to win it

    Some better than others, Idotest is my favourite of the bunch.


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