2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Danny Kerner

    Giving you a heads up. 100K drop returns next Monday at 4PM. So an upgrade in the schedule. Either it is batch 2 from the first recording session or the newly announced recommision from a few months ago.

  2. David B

    Happy New Year everyone.

    I spent my new year moment on a plane, and as such I got the chance, via the on-board entertainment system, to watch The Perfect Bid, a feature-length documentary about how Theodore “Ted” Slauson helped a contestant bid the exact amount in a Showcase Showdown.

    I wouldn’t say the storytelling is as compelling as, say, King of Kong, but there’s certainly lots of nice behind the scenes stuff and some interviews with key players.

    The key takeaway, which I wasn’t previously aware of, was that this guy has lots of previous form from being in the audience and helping contestants, and had even been on the show as a contestant himself. The problem was that the previous longstanding producer – who knew Ted well – was effectively dismissed from the show (to ring the changes) and was not working on it during the Carey era. So when this event happened, the experience wasn’t in the room to cope with the situation.

    Anyway, do seek it out on your movie platform of choice. It’s an interesting example for producers of the lengths that contestants will go to in order to win.


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