Upcoming thrills

By | January 31, 2019

Some Bother’s Bar Events to look forward to, I think such exciting things should go on a board:

  • 1st Feb (that’s tomorrow) – I’d like to make a Bother’s Bar Plays Badly episode for going out on Sunday. I require four contestants. It’ll be fun, you’ll be needed 9-10 on Friday night, if you’re free and interested then let me know. Microphone required as ever, camera not so.
  • 2nd Feb – Show Discussion for Small Fortune, which I’ll be watching on catch-up Sunday morning probably.
  • 9th Feb – It’s Schlag den Star!
  • 16th Feb – Bother’s Bar Game Night 14: Valentine’s Special – I’ll put a shout out for contestants in due course.
  • 23rd Feb – The return of The Great Briggish Jack Off, but this time there are fabulous cash prizes (prize) up for grabs. Again, looking for contestants in due course.

And that’s your February here on BrigBC One.

8 thoughts on “Upcoming thrills

  1. Ryan

    Hi Brig – I can actually do 9pm Friday UK time – how can I sign up?

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      HI Ryan, that’s great I’ll put you on the list. I’ll DM people on Twitter with details tomorrow afternoon once I’ve got people.

  2. Mark Leete

    I’ll deffo be there for BB plays badly tomorrow but after my last successful night of inputs () I shall keep quiet on the sidelines. No throwing rocks at old men this time round!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I should point out it won’t be going out live tomorrow, the video will go public on Sunday. If you want to come in on it Mark you definitely should.

    1. Mark Leete

      I’ll be tuning in on Sunday then! One day I’ll pluck up the courage to join in!


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