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By | April 7, 2019

I’m back staring at screens for money tomorrow so Bother’s Bar JUMPS back into (in)action.

In the meantime, it’s the Race Across the World finally tonight and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it as an entertaining race and as a documentary and we’re glad they’re looking for applicants for a second series (London to Singapore again but with different checkpoints? Or somewhere else?).

So here’s a few minutes of CITV’s World Wise with David “Kid” Jensen who I thought was legitimately the coolest man in the world when I was about five because he a) had a cool accent and b) had a cool moving chair 30 years before Mental Samurai and c) hosted a show that felt TECHNOCOOL.

There’s about a minute of ads before the main event, but thank goodness Venos does different medicines for different coughs, and what a line-up for the Razzmatazz Christmas special.

6 thoughts on “World Wise

  1. Crimsonshade

    I had a slight “raised eyebrow” moment earlier today when I tried to look up this show on and found no results. Apparently this is because the UKGS entry for this show styles the title as a single word – “Worldwise”, not “World Wise”.

    (As an aside, UKGameshows is built on MediaWiki right? MediaWiki has a built-in feature for redirects which makes having one entry lead to another incredibly trivial…)

      1. Crimsonshade

        Heh, well okay then. Sorry to be a bellyacher, it just happened ^^

  2. Steve Williams

    I was absolutely obsessed with World Wise when I was a kid because I was just amazed by Kid’s floating desk, and I still think it looks pretty impressive now. It’s the way Kid makes no reference to it moving whatsoever that really does it, I think, as if it’s a normal thing.

    I remember someone on Twitter saying World Wise was the first time they’d ever heard the word “Australasia”.

    When Emma Freud took over, I was devastated because they got rid of the floating desk and everyone just stood on the floor, which was no fun, the desk was absolutely the USP. I also really hated Freud because in the first episode, a kid got an observation question wrong and Freud snapped, “Weren’t you listening?!?” at them in a really patronising manner. Terrible revamp.

    1. David B

      Yes, agreed re: Freud makeover. I may still rate it as the most misjudged revamp in UKGS history, although the final incarnation of Krypton might pip it just because of the sheer number of different things that went wonky.

      The rules to World Wise still seem terribly opaque to me, but the fact that we keep seeing 3-minute segments in different YouTube videos isn’t helping us.


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