Stoppit and Tidyup

By | April 9, 2019

Quietly quite interesting, news broke yesterday that Ryan Reynolds will be hosting a US version of upcoming format Don’t, where families attempt physical and mental challenges in rooms for money whilst under strict instructions not to do something or risk elimination.

Anyway this sounds like potentially a fun idea. So obviously looking for inspiration for something to “do” a post about I start looking for gameshows that follow the theme. Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. Don’t Feed the Gondolas. And then I saw Davina McCall holding a question card, so here’s a video of Don’t Try This At Home!

11 thoughts on “Stoppit and Tidyup

  1. Matt Clemson

    #HostHoldingAQuestionCard… for a format without questions?

    1. Alex McMillan

      It’s more of an instructional card than a question card

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        The best #hostholdingaquestioncards are ones from shows with no quiz element at all.

        Also quizzes that don’t use them.

  2. Des Elmes

    Was DTTAH! twenty years ago already? Good heavens…

    May as well point out when I first came across Davina: it was around 1996, when I was eight and living in Ealing, and Carlton launched their early-evening entertainment guide Good Stuff, which she co-presented with, um, Rowland Rivron. (Would certainly be an unusual pairing today; probably wasn’t considered unusual at all at the time.) Me and my parents only had the terrestrial channels, so it wasn’t until a few years later that I learned of her humble beginnings on MTV.

    DTTAH! was, of course, her first big show (although it’s fairly easy to overlook the fact that Darren Day co-presented the first series; another pairing that would be more unusual today than it was then). I watched it rather a lot, as much for the challenges as for Davina – and it was always great fun when she tried the Challenge of a Lifetime for herself after the MOTP backed out, even if she tended not to succeed at it. I liked the theme tune, too, and still do today (even if it *is* by Simon May of EastEnders infamy).

    Twenty years later, DTTAH! obviously isn’t the show Davina’s best known for (nor is it as fondly remembered as You Bet!), but IMO it remains one of her very best.

    1. John R

      The theme tune is great but boy does that sting start to wear a bit thin after playing it at about 100 points through the episode!

      It must have cost ITV a small fortune (go away Dermot) in production costs, insurance – especially with Davina having a go, health and safety, experts – then on the flip side you had Paul Hendy turning up at the local shopping centre for his ‘challenges’…marvellous!

      It was also funny how seriously they actually took the DTTAH message, just off to go diving in that shipwreck in the river near my house Davina…

  3. Mark Leete

    Have to give a shout out to the set for this one – there really aren’t enough HUGE extractor fans in today’s shows! Also is that John Sachs doing the VO at the start?

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      No, Russ Williams of “what is Russ Willimas up to these days?” fame. Did a lot of v/o work around the same time, Under Pressure et al.


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