They aren’t just calling it Alan Carr’s Gameshow Marathon, for some reason.

By | May 30, 2019

Alan Carr’s done a lot of old gameshow pilot reboots recently, and evidently off the back of successful revivals of old shows in the US with big money endgames, ITV has decided they want some of that as well, with Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow.

Planned episodes include The Price Is Right, Play Your Cards Right, Strike It Lucky, Bullseye and Take Your Pick. Which one(s) will be successful enough to get a full run? Will Alan Carr’s Bullseye work? And Take Your Pick‘s a bit dull and probably won’t work with increased prize levels, but wouldn’t be watched if they stayed the same as twenty-five years ago. Anyway.

27 thoughts on “They aren’t just calling it Alan Carr’s Gameshow Marathon, for some reason.

  1. Brandon

    I know that there were some noises about an Alan Carr version of Play Your Cards Right a while ago, but the rest of this is actually news to me. For Strike It Lucky to work, it needs a similar enormous set to the original, which would be a lot of expense for a one off.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Bullseye… but for A MILLION pounds!
    Take Your Pick… but for A MILLION pounds!
    What is a Hot Spot not? A MILLION pounds!

    Now imagine all these stretched to an hour. Ratings!

  3. Whoknows

    Play Your Cards Right was the pilot for this and was very good.

  4. Chris B

    Surprised Price is Right is included here, considering Channel 4 trying this with Alan not that long ago. I guess most people tuning into the ITV one won’t know/care

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I don’t think many people watched it, but I suppose it’s useful as a run through.

      Of the five TPIR is a known quantity and I thought it was OK. PYCR is the one I’m most excited about. Strike It Lucky could go either way – but if anyone’s likely to “get” it, there’s no reason it couldn’t be Alan Carr off leash. Everyone will tune into Bullseye, it’ll get a series, it will flop. It will struggle to work out how ironic it’s going to be. Take Your Pick never excited me in the nineties, so I can’t say it’s going to excite me in 2019 either.

      1. David

        I take it you’re going to use the dark arts to see the Card Sharks revival when it starts up here in a couple of weeks? (My take on the new stuff- don’t like a couple of the rules I’ve read about CS- PYL sounds like it could be good to great if done right)

          1. Crimsonshade

            The funny thing is, I watched the trailer recently on Youtube for the Card Sharks and Press Your Luck revivals; and the first thing I said was “Is there any way to get that channel here in the UK?”. Please do share your “dark arts” with me on Twitter if you may 😉

  5. Alex McMillan

    Honestly, I get why they’re going for them, but that’s quite an uninspired set of 5 shows.

    Just imagine how much more interesting a set of CITV shows redone for adult contestants would be:

    – Eliminator
    – Globo Loco
    – Crazy Cottage
    – Jungle Run
    – Finders Keepers

    I get the difference in budget, but still…

    1. Alex McMillan

      Temple of the Jungle King…BUT FOR A MILLION POUNDS

        1. Chris M. Dickson

          Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?… but for A MILLION pounds!
          Famous People, Famous Places… … but for A MILLION pounds!
          Shafted… but for A MILLION pounds!

          1. Oliver

            £100K Drop… but for a MILLION POUNDS!

          2. Mark A

            Incredible Games… but for A MILLION Pounds!

          3. Brandon

            That would actually be a prize downgrade for Shafted as the top prize went up to theoretically £108m IIRC but was capped at £2.5m by ITV.

    2. Des Elmes

      “What house is it?” “THE MILLION POUND HOUSE!” “What time is it?” “MILLIONAIRE-MAKING TIME!”

    3. Crimsonshade

      I recognise three of those and all of them rank in my “Best of Children’s TV” list 😀

  6. Des Elmes

    Bullseye would still need a caller, wouldn’t it?

    Tony Green would almost certainly be willing to reprise the role once again, even though he’s now an octogenarian. If Alan and co wanted someone younger and less old school, however, Russ Bray would be a good shout – as would Richard Ashdown.

    And would Alan try and make up his own catchphrases, just as Dave Spikey did? “You’ve had a grand day out, but you leave wi’ nowt…”

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      Tony Green would indeed almost certainly be up for it, considering how readily he (reasonably literally) mucked in on even the Dick and Dom version.

      On another matter, here’s one for the FORMAT DOORMAT: Richard Osman and Warwick Davis to co-host a parent-and-child quiz. That’s the entire pitch docjument. #formatdoormat

  7. David

    An interesting story out of the states- MTV’s long-running show Are You The One? (Think Love Island- but for a MILLION dollars!- seriously, a group of singles have to figure out their “perfect matches” that were determined by a set of relationship experts through interviews and testing to win the money) is doing something that is definitely unique- the 16 singles (8 male, 8 female) all consider themselves “sexually fluid”, and the 8 “perfect matches” could be any combination of gender…

  8. Brig Bother Post author

    And the winner of the 9:25 Jeremy Kyle slot is… Tenable, apparently.

    Not sure if that’s an upgrade TBH, but if the plan is just to cover the Summer with repeats whilst they come up with something more long term then I’m sure it will be OK.

    1. Danny Kerner

      Could they during the summer season at least use the 1h 5 min slot for the children?

  9. Tom H

    Brig’s already tweeted that BBC One/Endemol have confirmed The Wall with Danny Dyer for Saturday nights later in the year.

    In an equally interesting bit of casting, Angela Rippon will be the off-screen voice of the questions.


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