The Fort Boyard game is out digitally

By | June 27, 2019

I hope to bring you a video on Saturday (mainly because I’ve got no time to play it until Saturday). Meanwhile, here’s your price comparison guide:

  • Steam – £20.69 (that’s a 10% off price)
  • XBox One – £24.99
  • Switch – £27.99
  • PS4 – £44.99

One of these prices is not like the others.

We’re not expecting it to be more than a 5/10, but you never know. It’s also getting a physical release in a few days and will find the sales figures for that absolutely fascinating.

Incidentally I’ve recently pivoted from PS4 to XB1, so if you want to add me for hi-score hi-jinks, I’m Brig Bother.

23 thoughts on “The Fort Boyard game is out digitally

  1. Jason

    Changes at the last second are rarely a good indication – particularly to the structure of the game

    18th June: 5 keys, 6 activities and 3 clue activities
    Launch: 4 keys, 4-5 activities and 4 clue activities

    As much as I hope the game does well, I fear there won’t be enough content and/or replay value for the £25 price point. It will be interesting to see what the early reviews are like!

  2. Will Stephen

    Using Parsec it makes a virtual network with little/no lag playing local co op games online. Might be an idea for a plays badly in co op at some point. All you need is each person to have a USB controller to make it work. I can probably host that if need be.

    Ive had a chance to play it (using steam), it is a very distinctly average game, though can be tricky in places on some of the mini games with a lack of time, just unlocked hard so i’ll see what difference that makes (as well as heroic mode). The physical copies I would imagine going to be very limited, so could very well go up in long term. The fact that the physical release has been pushed back twice now is also strange.. granted a week each time but still crazy.

    But the music alone is great, the voice overs…. not so much, and already very annoying!

    1. Will Stephen

      After unlocking heroic mode, by gove the difficulty goes up a gear. Megagaf particularly not only reduces the time but adds more things to grab as well!

      Also failing to get 4 keys takes you to Blanche for a blue ball challenge for each key missing… grab the ball that falls from one of five containers before it touches the ground. Fail that and they are a prisoner and just do the memory challenge and win or lose time in the treasure room (instead of gaining time like normally if you have all 4 keys).

      Replay ability is not there with the amount of games on offer. It really needed every game from the last season to make it worthwhile… who knows enough sales could give dlc for it because the coding on certain things (dura lex Games) wouldn’t take long to make at all.

  3. David

    If you can, catch the PYL ep from last night- really good (they play the last board of the bonus round, and it’s insane what they have up there)

  4. Mika

    Gonna double comment on Twitter, but to the surprise of no one, this isn’t on the North American shops for either Switch or PS4.
    It *IS* available here on Steam, though, though that somehow *doesn’t* surprise me for some reason.
    (didn’t check XBox)

  5. Brig Bother Post author

    Well I’ll say one thing, love the fact they’ve got the full version of the theme on the title screen.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Oh dear, this is genuinely terrible, although might make for an entertaining video.

      I don’t seem to have voices on my XBox version.

      1. Brandon

        From what I’ve seen of it,it feels like the sort of thing that would have been Wii shovelware about 10 years ago.

        1. Will Stephen

          Exactly right, in fact had they even got to thirty games it would be considered above average but having so few games means even after a hour you will have had enough of it… I’m surprised switch wasn’t given some sort of motion differences.

          Playing it for the first time and if you’re a fan of the show will make it entertaining for that one moment. Excalibur is probably my favourite. Also in the treasure room you lose coins if you knock into someone while anyone is carrying but not if you crash into a wall or sculpture! Lol

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            I managed to get a game in last night, I pretty much managed to fail everything except Rodeo Dino, the Judgement game (I thought we were promised the White Judge in the press release but all I’m getting is an empty chair) and the Council. God knows what I was doing on the Flyboard.

            I didn’t even get the codeword right despite six clues, and six multiple choices and getting it wrong three times and then running out of time.

            Edit: Tell I lie, I won on Boyardodrome as well.

            Basically I thought it was less good than the one they released 25 years ago, impressively.

  6. Mika

    (Since it hit the reply limit…)

    “Basically I thought it was less good than the one they released 25 years ago, impressively.”

    Well that’s a damning statement if I ever saw one. XD
    Though to be fair, especially considering computers back then, and the fact they actively limited it to mouse inputs, Challenge really was a pretty darn good adaption. A small handful of poorly controlled games, if they’d tightened up the pacing and time limits, and the rat maze was just annoying, but otherwise actually a solid effort.

    Wonder if there’d be a way to get THAT working and possibly online multiplayer (Dos box?) and have that be a BBPB night.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I’ve got a horrible feeling I might have ditched my copy in a move sometime, but as a companion piece I’d certainly like to do it.

      For all of its repetitive “advice”, not quite enough games, repetitive rat maze etc, I think it got the feel of the show pretty right. The new one feels a bit all over the place, it doesn’t emulate the TV show well enough, throwing in bits without due regard. I’m glad its got the “proper” music (although they’ve horribly misused the “introduce the team” tune which is otherwise awesome). Most of it controls OK (or at least makes rough sense) but I couldn’t get my head around the flyboard at all.

  7. David

    Big news from Spain- a newspaper has revealed that the Los Lobos team, who has won over 500 times over two years plus on the show Boom, will finally win the jackpot round for over 4 million Euros and retire with over 6 million Euros (of which they’ll get about half after taxes)’ll air at some point in the new future..

    That has to be the highest gameshow win ever worldwide- the 5 million has never been won on Miljoenenjacht…

      1. Alex R

        Literally double the content! And it’ll still be probably shit.


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