You Fret

By | August 11, 2019

I’d like to be able to illustrate this with a video but they don’t seem to have put a clip up on Youtube yet, but you might want to watch the final part of last week’s (series two, episode six) Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier on UKTV Play if you didn’t catch it on Dave, specifically the final part which is about useless skills and makes heavy references to Bother’s Bar favourite You Bet!, ending with Jon trying to name the make of five hand driers by sound alone. The final payoff won’t make much comedic sense if you hadn’t watched the rest of the show but never mind.

Edit: Ah brilliant, one has shown up (h/t Jonathan in the comments).

17 thoughts on “You Fret

  1. Crimsonshade

    That was my favourite part of the episode as well; and it got my entire family wishing for a You Bet! Revival.

    1. Danny Kerner

      it is whether the gambling commission will allow that show on air as the format promotes gambling. i know it is for fun but they would probably not see it that way.

      1. Brandon

        I’m sure I saw somewherereason that it’s called a “trade” rather than a gamble in Tipping Point is something to do with that kind of thing, similar to the reason the endgame wasn’t a roulette wheel on series 2 of Red or Black. Could all be rubbish obviously.

        1. John R

          Another obvious couple of examples are when Deal Or No Deal had to stop referring to ‘The Banker’s Gamble’ (they still did it in a roundabout way with Noel explaining in terms without using the word gamble such as ‘give him back the money and you can open the box’) and also more recent series of Saturday Night Takeaway use ‘Stay or play’ for Win The Ads rather than ‘gamble’ (cue half the audience screaming GAMBLE! anyway)

        2. Alex S

          I thought the changes to Red or Black series 2 were because there are some sort of rules regarding games that are 100% chance, no skill whatsoever. That’s why they changed the endgame to have some kind of element of skill, and changed the games so you ‘buzzed in’ your choice when the game/performance/whatever had already started.

          1. Brandon

            I didn’t know the rules about games of complete chance were around as late as that, I thought they disappeared along with the IBA.

          2. Brig Bother Post author

            The changes for Red or Black series two were mainly instigated because basically people didn’t like the first one because Simon Cowell misunderstood the appeal of Deal or No Deal. If there was an issue with luck content, it wouldn’t have got the first series.

  2. Daniel W

    This may be of interest to people. For a while now, cbbc has run an documentary series called our school, its basically the edcutating… Series for a younger audience (made by the same company I think)
    Now there’s a spin off called our school summer camp, which sees three of the schools featured in the series go to a summer camp and compete against each other. Not sure how much will be documentary and how much will be gameshow but based on the promo will be some gameshow elements.

    Speaking off cbbc, today they premiered a cooking show called step up to the plate which is way better than I thought it would be. Basically combines the standard cooking show along with the zany kind of challenges from a cbbc show.

  3. Alex

    Inexplicable gameshow mention of the day: Shane Richie introducing Lucky Numbers on The One Show.

  4. James

    Next Schlag den Star – 21st September Schlag den Besten is running at the minute. It started last Thursday and continues the next few weeks.

    Also, congrats to Nico W and all involved on The Masked Singer. It was a brilliant show.

  5. gyroscope

    Would love a You Bet revival! Loved the whole big arena feel that you don’t really get any more too.

    On a different note – the celebs in Promi Big Brother on Sat.1 get 60 seconds to spend their winnings on food for the coming day. Sat.1 seem to be using the music bed from Supermarket Sweep for this – was there ever a German version? Or is it just similar music?

    Best I could do:

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Cheers, I will “check it out” when I get in from work tonight.

      Edited to add: It wouldn’t surprise me if the Supermarket Sweep muzak was library music anyway, so there’s every possibility.

    2. David B

      Largely, composers keep the copyright of their work and license it to productions. So they are free to make money from it via music libraries if the original show has finished.


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